'God of War' rules over 2018 video games

The time has come once again to look at the best games of the year, and 2018 made it plenty difficult to pick a single game above the rest.

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UCForce1746d ago

Again, God Of War deserves it.

solideagle1746d ago

like I said before: it took me out of modern gaming fatigue. a phenomenal game. Amazing! this is the only game I would pay for DLC which I have never done in my life. :)

chrisx1746d ago

God of war gives me enough encouragement for next gen. PS will rule next gen with awesome exclusives once more.

mikeslemonade1746d ago

Bloodborne is better than God of War 4 though. God of War 4 got kinda boring after the Poseidon level. While Bloodborne was good throughout.

MrVux0001746d ago

"Bloodborne is better than God of War 4 though. God of War 4 got kinda boring after the Poseidon level."
That is God Of War III, a game from last generation...we are talking about God Of War (2018).

UCForce1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

@mikeslemonde Ok, you just being troll. That game you mentioned is God Of War 3. This is God Of War 2018 which is a soft reboot.

badz1491746d ago


err...that Poseidon level was GoW3, and GoW 2018 is not GoW4, because GoW4 would be the GoW Ascension. so much misinformation in your sentence

mikeslemonade1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Well that’s how boring it was, I meant after the Thor level it gets boring. Which is in the middle. Excuse me for mixing up a ice god with with a water god.

You gow fanboys get so worked up.

And don't get me started on God of War 3, which is actually an overrated game. GOW4 is deserving of it's score but it's not better than Bloodborne, God of War 3 is not even a top 20 game last generation.

MrVux0001745d ago

"I meant after the THOR LEVEL it gets boring. Excuse me for mixing up a ICE god with with a water god."

You are either a very good troll, or a bad liar...either way you made my day with this comment lol

mikeslemonade1745d ago

Lol I didn’t watch any of the Thor movies because I think superheroes are lame. I know he’s a Viking and his level is in the ice mountain. So stop being so anal.

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outsider16241746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

As it should. What a game!

FunAndGun1746d ago

You deserve it Kratos. Can't wait for the next chapter in the story!

DevilHunterDante1746d ago

RDR2 for me. Though ngl GoW was great too.

KyRo1746d ago

I'm so glad GoW won it. RDR2 is a technical marvel but it's boring as hell.

nucky641746d ago

also, rdr2 controls are terrible compared to GoW4 controls

ClayRules20121746d ago

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed RDR2.

TheGamez1001746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Loved rdr2 for how detailed it was, all the things you could do, huge map, and the story was great... but it was just too slow, controls bad, every gunfight is too easy and are all the same, and I swear about 30-40% of the game Ive spent using my phone leaving the game in autopilot. GOW is just the clear better game overall for me. It did great in all these areas and more.

Ceaser98573611746d ago

Both RED DEAD 2 and GOW and also Spiderman were my fav from 2018 but somewhere GOW did stand out... The studio cancelled an on going project, Cory came in and wanted to make a game of his own but Sony and SM wanted a GOW game.. Cory's vision wasn't accepted since the new GOW is totally different from its predecessor and didn't want to take risk. But Cory convincing them and it paid off and since the emotional thanking video from Cory..
The game looked great, story was great, combat was mindblowing... Hence its a true GOTY winner..

RED DEAD 2 is a masterpiece and a sequel and everyone was expecting RED DEAD 2 win ..

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ClayRules20121746d ago

Honestly, the best overall game I’ve played so far this generation. A real work of art.