Dragon Ball FighterZ Fans Unhappy As The Game Is Dropped From Another Tournament

Last week, Dragon Ball FighterZ made headlines when the EVO Japan 2019 games line-up was revealed, and the popular 2018-fighter from Bandai Namco was missing.

Now, Aksys Games has announced that the game also won't be present at Anime Ascension. And again, a reason why, isn't divulged and isn't obvious.

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Tetsujin1741d ago

The only 2 theories I can think of -
Licensing of some of the roster
the whole theory of how Capcom is upset because of how similar the game plays to U/MvC 3

thatguyhayat1740d ago

This game is nothing like mvc 3.

CorndogBurglar1739d ago

Yeah. This game really doesn't play anything like MVC

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PhantomS421740d ago

Oh just enjoy the game, stop getting upset over dumb things.

spartan112g1739d ago

Because getting upset over a game that you level having tournaments canceled is dumb. Think before you talk.

PhantomS421739d ago

It's a game, it's meant to be fun. I play the game and guess what, not having a tournament is not taking away from the fun of the game. Getting pissed because something so non-essential to the fun of the game just shows how much of an entitled brat you are. Perhaps you should think before you throw a fit.

Smokehouse1740d ago

That’s konami level lol. Such a weird thing to do, I want to know the reason now lol. Are they trying to push people into another game they have out? There is jump force but why wouldn’t you ride the Dbfz boat until that game launches?

DivineBliss1740d ago

Toei got their check already and they dont want other companies to continue to make profit off their properties.

RadicalBradical1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Most likely a licensing issue. Toei has been known to be pretty strict with their licenses.


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ZeekQuattro74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I've played dozens of Dragon Ball games over the years. For me my favorites are as follows but not in any particular order.
1. Super Gokuden 1 & 2
2. Hyper Dimension
3. Budokai 3
4. Budokai Tenkaichi 3
5. Legacy of Goku 1 & 2
6. Infinite Worlds
7. Raging Blast 2
8. Attack of the Saiyans
9. Fusions
10. Xenoverse 2
11. Supersonic Warriors 2

sadraiden74d ago

Hyper Dimension was so good, also loved the Super Botouden games.

ZeekQuattro74d ago

I forgot about those. Extreme Butoden was also good. It came with Super Butoden 2 now that I think about it. SB 2 was my favorite one as a kid as it featured Broly.

VersusDMC74d ago

No dbz fighterz? Outrageous not to have the best looking dbz game. Are you not into tag team 2d fighters?

senorfartcushion74d ago

1. Kakarot
2. Budokai 3
3. Budokai 2

I’ve played more but the others are forgetful for me

PunksOnN4G74d ago

I am playing Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans right now after seeing it on youtube . Its soooo GOOOD!!! Looks amazing on my 3ds.

VersusDMC74d ago

Budokai 3 and DBZ fighterz are my most memorable.

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SullysCigar249d ago

This would have saved me some internet trawling before Christmas!

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