EA Sale: Save big on Battlefield 1, Battlefront II, Battlefield V, Titanfall 2, Madden, and more

Amazon is steeply discounting a number of EA games, including Battlefield 1, Battlefield V, Star Wars Battlefront II, Titanfall 2, Madden NFL 19, and The Sims 4 Seasons. Battlefield 1 Revolution is just $9.99 while Star Wars Battlefront II is on sale for $4.49.

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winter_hill709d ago

From the article:

"All of the games on sale require Origin, except for Madden NFL 19, which is on sale as a download for Xbox One."

Edvin1984709d ago

Battlefield 5 has been surprisingly fun game on PC and Consoles. Loved 1942,2,3, and 4; however, BF1 was one of the worst shooters I played and all due to the random bullet spray mechanism. BF5 fixes all the issues from BF1 and adds to the graphical show case which BF1 was. Absolutely can’t recommend it enough if you got a buddy to play with online.

Shikoku709d ago

You have to be a paid comment. BF 1 is far superior to BF5 in every aspect.

2pacalypsenow709d ago

Im enjoying BF5, just wish the snipers were one shot kills outside of headshots ( some snipers require two shots in the head.)

lillekolibri709d ago

2 headshots needed to kill on some snipers? Glad I skipped this game because that makes no sense at all.

2pacalypsenow708d ago

Yeah, the bolt action snipers are all 2 to the body, 1 to the head (most times)

The semi automatics are 2 to the body, 2 to the head.

There’s almost no points in choosing a specific sniper since the damage is the same.

Snipers should be 1 shot kill imo.

Shikoku709d ago

The only one on that list worth purchasing is Titan Fall 2

Tankbusta40709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

I will save myself from your awfully greedy practices EA