With Activision's Influence Growing, Blizzard Is Cutting Costs

Blizzard has spent the year taking big measures to cut costs as it prepares for a lean 2019. Those measures, as conveyed by people who work or have worked for the iconic studio, include employee buyouts in which workers are offered money to leave, a broadening of the finance department, and the limitation of budgets for any team at the company that isn’t directly making video games.

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lillekolibri60d ago

The end of Blizzard has begun.

PapaBop60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

2018 - While the positives (amazing games like RDR 2 and GoW) will be what I fondly remember the year for, it will also be remembered by me for the year Blizzard officially died. I hope I'm proven wrong but BFA, Diablo, HOTS.. it's not looking good. At least their stock has taken a huge battering. Still if a giant like Blizzard can be destroyed by a greedy publisher, what chance does the likes of DICE and Bioware have? I hope CDPR stay independent forever, regardless of what goes on elsewhere, at least CDPR are out there fighting the good fighting combining amazing games with gamer friendly business practices.

kevnb60d ago

I think part of it is 2017 was a huge year and investors want that kind of growth every year.

Tesal60d ago

Blizzard is not the one doing the cutting costs by itself.

It is activision's doing - they cut things 'n then demands blizzard to do the RP 'n face backlashes etc.

Activision is EA 2.0 murdering blizzard same like EA murdering some studios ... why ? cos they do not want to face a competition from a gamers-first studios /companies/developers.

Tesal60d ago

ofc as always, everything is happening by a number few pps at the high officer - aka some shareholders 'n a few others controlling things 'n making most of the rest to suffer.

PapaBop60d ago

Basically this. Blizzard have always been like this though prepared to try things differently and take the losses associated with it.. why bother making a deal with them in the first place? Most likely all a part of Kotick's 10 year masterplan to control Blizzard, next up, Bungie.

Nodoze59d ago

RIP. You have been Activisioned.

DreadGara59d ago

If they by any chance had major loss or financial problems they deserve it to be honest for making a deal with the devil.
Blizzards turned so greedy in the last 10 years and they deserve to be smacked hardly to get their shit together.