Top 10: Ideas that will make Fable III a masterpiece writes: "Fable II is one of the best games we've played this year and rightly sits highly in the Xbox 360 hall of fame. It lets you be the hero you want to be, performing good or bad deeds, specialise in certain areas of combat and start a family. Choices in a video game have never been so important, but being the ungrateful lot that we are, we're already licking our lips in anticipation of the inevitable Fable III. Desperate for it to be the greatest game ever made (and score a perfect 10 review) we knocked our morally ambiguous heads together and came up with our Top 10: Ideas that will make Fable III a masterpiece."

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vavava4619d ago

Take Peter M. off the project for a start.

fufotrufo4619d ago

He created an awesome game..why take him off?

ThanatosDMC4619d ago

How about great ideas/promises falling short. It's be awesome if his talks actually comes to fruition. But again, i compare this game to Black and White 1 and 2 in which so many great ideas that just failed in it's deliverance.

4619d ago
Horny4619d ago

this article makes some good points

Fallen_Angel4619d ago

It does but they are kind of general point no ideas that would take the game to the next level. One of the biggest disappointment to me was that you really couldnt do much to effect the world you were in. it been cool if you could of built up small camps in to busy cities or burn down the major cities or kill everyone in them to make them ghost towns