Did 2018 Prove There Is Still Hope For Konami?

WTMG's Leo Faria: "Konami started off 2018 with the wrong foot with the decision of charging real money for extra save slots in Metal Gear Survive, but that was their only terrible decision in 2018, as they spent the rest of the year with a quiet streak of small but decent releases and some rare instances of good PR. They could have had a worse year. They could have been Bethesda."

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FallenAngel1984207d ago

Nope they’re still going to be a scumbag company that will get by doing the bare minimum along with a few noteworthy acts

Apocalypse Shadow207d ago

Make a Metal Gear Solid remaster, 2, 3 or 4 in VR,or even VR Missions remaster in VR and I might be interested like Zoe 2 Mars.

With a side order of a new 3D Castlevania game at the level of Symphony of the Night and the GBA games.

207d ago
PhantomS42207d ago

Um...what exactly did they do? Right, a bland port of amazing Castlevania games, a trashy and god-awful Metal gear Survive, a VR port that nobody talks about, a soccer game for a very niche audience that still had tons of complaints. Probably the only thing they did right was providing free to Superbomber Man R, it was free right? Either way, they didn't do anything notable, they are still trash.