Treyarch: 'We've got the best shooter this Christmas'

Call of Duty: World at War will beat Gears of War and Resistance 2, insists developer.

Activision-owned developer Treyarch feels its latest Call of Duty title will top the likes of Gears of War, Far Cry and Resistance 2 to become the must-have shooter of Christmas.

World at War is the sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which topped the Christmas charts last year and is still the most played game on Xbox Live. And Treyarch's senior producer Noah Heller insists that fans of that game will not be disappointed with the follow-up.

"There's a lot of competition this year, but I feel very strongly we have the best shooter this Christmas," he explained. "There is a lot of people new to the Call of Duty franchise following COD4, and they won't be disappointed.

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n4gzz4276d ago

sounds like Treyarch are scared for low sales. I dont think COD5 will sell more than 3 million when we have FC2, Gears2, Res2.

Jamie Foxx4276d ago

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my sides........ oxygen anybody,somebody,please?

ultimolu4276d ago

*give Foxx oxygen*

Breaaaath! xD

This is laughable though. Like I said, I'll believe it when I see it.

y0haN4276d ago

I don't think FC2 will be a big hitter with the consoles. I think Resistance 2 and Gears 2 will do well with the audience who enjoyed the first ones, and the same will happen with CoD WaW. It looks to be more of the same gameplay with WW2 and a few extras that seem nice. I'll pick it up, sure.

Mozilla894276d ago

But it would have to be COD4 good to make me think its gonna even stand a chance to beat Resistance AND Gears.

stevenhiggster4276d ago

If it does sell more than those 2 then it's only because it's multiplat and the other 2 aren't, if Gears 2 and Resistance 2 were multiplat they'd both whoop it's ass. COD4 FTW

JsonHenry4276d ago

Well, it is basically CoD4 with more weapons, more perks, more game modes, slightly improved lighting and special effects, and 4 player co-op with its own special modes and death cards.

So if you liked CoD4 and wanted more (MORE MORE MORE!!!) then you will like this game. Even if you don't care too much for the WWII setting.

ceedubya94276d ago

its basically Call of Duty 4 set in WWII with different weapons. The game is not bad by any means, and I feel it plays just as good as the one before it. But it doesn't do anything better or worse than CoD4, and because of that, people may find the experience stale.

They may feel that this game is the best by default, because it is so similar to what was arguably considered the best last year. But even still, this is a bold claim when you have Gears 2 and Resistance 2 coming out days before it.

The Matrix4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

The truth is we won't know if he's wrong or right until we play it.

witchking4276d ago

Okay, so earlier this year I said "no way am I gonna play CoD5. I'm not going back to WWII. I don't think Treyarch can do this justice."

And then I got my hands on the beta a couple of days ago. Frankly, it feels like a CoD4 (not surprising, since it's built on that engine)expansion pack. Imagine getting a ton of new maps, new weapons, new perks, etc for CoD4. That's what this feels like. Sort of like Rock Band 2. :-)

So am I going to buy CoD: WaW? Yes.

Am I also going to buy Gears 2? Yes.

Hell, I might even buy Quantum of Solace, though the silence on that one is disconcerting.

Ju4276d ago

Oh my god, not another WW2 shooter. No matter how close it is to CoD4. For me personally, I would go with Quantum of Solace, though. Good that you bring that up. I always missed a strong story in CoD4. That might be it, though. Using the same pimped CoD4 engine in a modern environment with a strong story.

Beast_Master4276d ago

I agree I will buy this but I think the WWII theme is enough to turn alot of COD4 fans away, especially on PS3 where R2 and KZ2 are around the corner. I am on the fence with Quantum of Solice as well, I really like the new Bond movies and have been impressed with what I have seen of the game running on the COD engine. Boy I have too much stuff to get threw this year.

Tarasque4276d ago

Wow PR bs at it's fullest. Here is how it will go down.
1. Resistance 2
2. Gears Of War2
3. Fallout 3 (it is an actual Fps if you want it to be)
4. Farcry 2
5. Then maybe Cod 5 here.

Peter Griffin4276d ago

have u not just seen P2's scores?

Diamondwolf4276d ago

Just when the thread was going so well, Tarasque had to put the flamebait down.

Edit it to "Here's how I think it will go down" and maybe it won't cause so much backlash as it'll be an opinion and not an ill-informed prediction.

GiantEnemyCrab4276d ago

Oh man, I thought this article was funny and then I read Tarasque list. Resistance #1? Wow that is hillarious.

Tidus114276d ago

If it even comes close to beating the other fps's it will be because of cod4... the casual gamer will just see cod5 and freak out and go buy it just because it is a call of duty... similar to the madden effect.

Tarasque4276d ago

Hey you guys didn't know i can see in the future?

shovelbum4276d ago

Uhh what? I like the beta but the best they can hope for is that they beat FC2. Luckily I'm getting all four and in my order they finish fourth. Gears, R2, FC2, and COD:WAW in that order I'd say.

Bubble Buddy4276d ago

Treyarch = fail. They might have a decent game, but certainly not the best this Christmas.

AAACE54276d ago

They must be smokin something with that crack head in the alley!

If any Treyarch game has potential to gain sales this holiday... I believe it will be the new 007 game! CoD 5 just doesn't interest me that much, and the fact that the new 007 will use the CoD 4 engine, and have some of the play mechanics of RS: Vegas... has caught my attention. I haven't cared about a 007 game since Goldeneye, but this one could be something great if they can pull it off!

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Beg For Mercy4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

you dont i am in the beta on the 360 its a slower paced call of duty 4 with boring weapons the color palette will hurt you eyes after playing this then playing the resistance 2 beta im definitely getting resistance2, this game dosent hold a candle to gears2 or resistance 2 or far cry 2 for that matter

FBl4276d ago

Not if Resistance 2 has something to say about that

Lanoire4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

And its looking good. It plays like COD4 and it looks like a solid shooter.

But definitely R2 will win this one with hands tied behind its back. R2 is sick. Absolutely SICK.

But COD World at war > gays at war 1.1 AND left4dead

COD5 world at war has a better zombie survival game than what Valve is offering us for 60 bucks. But its free in World at war!!!!

hahaha what a joke. Treyarch biatchslapped Valve.

Super-Brad4276d ago

They can't say that, its not released yet.

theKiller4276d ago

we had around 50 games in WW2 era! i think the "we had enough" should be presented to them

bubble me up if u agree with me! i lost them for no good reason

morganfell4276d ago

I like WWII shooters but this looks like and is the same mindless crap from COD4. No thanks. R2's innovation will make it THE shooter this holiday.

GiantEnemyCrab4276d ago

"But COD World at war > gays at war 1.1 AND left4dead"

LOL! That was a good one! You continue to live in fantasy land while Gears 2 plows over every shooter on consoles this holiday guaranteed!

Lanoire4276d ago

is a 50% RROD rate and a 3 year warranty which expires in 2 days from now.

Johnny Rotten4276d ago

I just sent my 3rd 360 in today for repair, the disk wouldn't spin anymore. It only has about 40-50 hours on it.

nonAsianDroid4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

hey it's 3 years from the date you bought the system any console dumbsh!t

go let little sackboy jizz in your face maybe that will raise your IQ a bit

Gears kicks the sh-t out of both resistance and cod. Resistance is sh!t, animation is so weak compared to gears

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jaffa_cake4276d ago

ign RFOM 2 95 % GEOW 2 easy get in the mid 90's
whos hyped for this ??
sony fan boys, will all get RFOM 2, and xbox boys GEOW 2.
If this was Infinaty Ward, maybe be hyped for it.
sorry this is not one of the big games this christmas.
Fable 2, GEOW 2, RFOM 2, LBP, Dead Space, prince of Persia, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and Mirror Edge all the games this fall that most are hyped for.
COD5 not a true successor, to COD4 not till COD6 comes out then where talk.

chasuk084276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

All PS3 fans will get Resistance 2
All Xbox 360 fans will get Gears 2

And both PS3 and 360 fanboys will get COD5 as well as R2/Gears 2.

Ju4276d ago

No, I'll get R2 and Motorstorm 2. Got LBP on Sunday. And then I am in recovery mode until early Feb - when Killzone2 will hit me again. And that's just such a pity for all the other great games coming out any time soon now.

jkhan4276d ago

Nathan Hale and Marcus Fenix says Hi to generic unknown main character:P
Joke's apart I doubt it will sell as well as COD4. COD4 set the standard for multiplayer shooters. You can't argue with that and COD5 is just kind of an expansion pack to that. WWII weapons killed this game for me. After playing COD4 i just can't go back to WWII weapons. Plus with multiplayer shooters like FarCry2, R2, Gears 2, Socom and online games like LBP. I doubt anyone will have time to play this game like people play COD4. R2 will be the most played game on PSN until Killzone 2 comes out and same is the case with XBL which will be ruled by Gears 2 until Halo Recon comes out.

Nineball21124276d ago

R2, GEOW2, LBP, FarCry2, DeadSpace, Socom...

So many games out... I think World at War is not going to do so good and that's probably an understatement.

pain777pas4276d ago

The Gametrailers preview did get me alittle interested but yeah Nathan and Marcus are leading the shooting genre this christmas.

himdeel4276d ago

...I just had 4 heart attacks and died.

Message sent from my PDA in heaven

Diamondwolf4276d ago

@ Himdeel

Quick, someone call the Army of 2 and let's revive him

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