The Last of Us Part II Gets Free PS4 Dynamic Theme You Can Use as a Yule Log

If you love Yule logs and The Last of Us Part II, this is your chance to mash them together right on the dashboard of your PS4.

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ArchangelMike808d ago

Aww man, it just makes the wait so much harder to bear!

angelsx807d ago

what do you think?next year this time we'll be playing?

Dissidia807d ago

Hopefully before that, maybe in June 2019 like the first game?

Livingthedream807d ago

Any chance this may go to the next PS console?

Toolster807d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Mine has no sound, any ideas?

Edit, sorted it

bluefox755807d ago

A burning car makes you cringe?

SlagWolf807d ago

I think it’s more the two dogs kissing

Redemption-64807d ago

Did you just refer to women as dogs?

807d ago
bluefox755807d ago

@above That picture is used for every TLOU2 article. The do it to get clicks. Clearly it works.

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