Nintendojo: Strong Bad: Episode 3 Interview

Nintendojo writes: "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People introduces episodic gaming to WiiWare, a new style of distribution for Nintendo Wii. To review the episodes, we therefore decided to critique via an interview with the folks behind the games. In this edition, we address the strengths and weaknesses of Episode Three, "Battle of the Bands," with SBCGfA's lead designer Mark Darin.

Q: Right off the bat, we noticed some upgrades to the visual presentation. Our major highlight was the diversity of camera angles. The camera would swing around and present viewpoints from over Strong Bad's shoulder, to even inside a closet, looking out at the player. This type of polish brings a more cartoon- or movie-like feel to the game. Will more graphical capabilities pop up as you spend more time with the engine? Or was the camera an area you planned on improving from the start?

Mark Darin: We are always striving to improve the cinematic presentation of our games. As we go, we look for new ways to present the scene in the most entertaining way, and if the scene calls for more unique angles we'll strive to do so!"

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