Jolt Review: Strong Bad Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands

Jolt writes: "It was pretty inevitable, but the middle episode in what has so far been an enjoyable journey into the world of Strong Bad has settled into a comfortable rut. That doesn't make Episode 3 a failure, but after the unique ideas explored in Episode 2, in which every location and character was cast in a different light, Baddest of the Bands offers little beyond a new story and the guest 'appearance' of Strong Bad's favourite rock foursome, Limozeen.

The idea behind the new episode is pretty good and very in keeping with the web cartoons: Strong Bad's not-so-trusty 8-bit Fun Machine has broken down, and without the cash to pay dodgy store owner Bubs to fix it, he comes up with the scheme of hosting a Battle of the Bands-type event to help raise funds. Realising that he still won't have enough cash to cover the repair bill, he also plans to enter the contest himself and win it. It's a ridiculously convoluted process, but as ever there are enough creative gags to make this three to four hour adventure worthwhile."

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