Halo Infinite Confirmed To Have 4-Player Split Screens, Halo Reach Customization and More

343 Industries has detailed multiple new features that will be coming to Halo Infinite, including multiplayer split screen, more PC support, and Halo Reach customization.

LucasRuinedChildhood1985d ago

343 are learning slowly but surely. They never should have removed 4-player split-sceeen but you have to give them credit for listening. Infinite sounds like it's going to be dope. Hopefully they nail the campaign.

lucian2291985d ago

4 player splitsscreen is literally the only selling point for me in a shooter; so Halo is really smart with this decision.

The_Hooligan1985d ago

That's one of the reasons why me and my friends still play Perfect Dark 64. Actually I play it on 64 and Xbox360 since they had released it for the system. Set some bots and have fun. It would be awesome if Halo did 4 player split-screen with bot support. I think its a feature that should become standard for FPS games.

VenomUK1985d ago

I have many fond memories of playing Halo: CE split-screen with mates so this will be a welcome returned to a trademark feature of the game. I wasn't excited with the Halo 5 hype, but i'm quietly hoping Halo Reach will be great.

chiefJohn1171984d ago

They had to for performance reasons

mikeslemonade1984d ago

Splitting the screen is stupid. It’s was a tech barrier back in the day so you can justify it but splitting the screen today is just old and unacceptable.

And nobody cares about Halo besides you sixteen people or some insignificant amount.

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lxeasy1985d ago

O hell yeah, I love that they Xbox is allowing them to take their time with this Halo. 343 is making sure they get this one right

Movefasta19931985d ago

4 player split screens? I still play halo 3 time to time at my friends house, 4 controllers = best gaming experience ever. They def need to bring this back.

anonymousfan1985d ago

This is a wonderful thing to bring in the modern era.... Imagine on an Xbox One X or Xbox Two at 4K splitscreen ! It was already a blast back in the N64 days but now each corner of the screen gets 1080p lmao?! :D

gangsta_red1985d ago

Good to see they're bringing this staple back to the series.