Xbox is poised to dominate the next console generation

Microsoft spent 2018 learning from its mistakes.

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Vasto1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Why everybody saying this?

iN_4G_form1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Not everybody. Just those who are paid by, parterned with Microsoft and/or are partial to it's XBOX brand.

Vasto1807d ago

So do you think Microsoft are going to dominate next gen like they are saying?

WombBat1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Yeah it's clearly an MS campaign.

Xbox will lose next-gen because lack of pure console exclusives (not Xbox/PC). Not only that, but it's gonna take a while for people to trust MS again after the insult that was the Xbox One launch, and even the follow up, what with canceling numerous games and studios down.

One gets the feeling that they are not trying to lose with honor, but rather, trying to dismantle the console structure altogether so that no console manufacturer wins because certainly PC players will never accept Xbox as their PC platform of choice, but they will opt for Steam or the like.

hardcorehippiez1807d ago

Forecasting.If they plant the seeds early enough and run with it the sheep that arent aware of this tactic will believe it to be true and run with it eventually making it true , or at least the perception of it .

Chevalier1807d ago

There's lots of delusional websites it seems.


Apparently Xbox may end the next gen against PS5 according to this article. I say that with a healthy amount of sarcasm.

Kribwalker1807d ago

i don’t understand how anytime there’s positive news, or good reviews on Xbox, they are always paid, while positive news or good reviews on sony products is always natural 💁‍♂️

darthv721807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I got a werid feeling we have been here before. It's as if MS is now in the Sega role and Sony in the Nintendo role from 4th gen on.

Xbox came out after the PS2 (like Master System did after the NES) and while it was superior to the later, it failed to make a dent in the market (again like Master system and NES). So MS released their next gen 360 system a year ahead of the PS3 (like Sega did with Genesis vs the SNES) and really managed to get some market share from Sony (again like Genesis vs SNES). But MS third platform really lost all that they initially gained (like saturn vs PS1) with poor management and game development. Despite being a good system, people still shunned it and so it ended up selling less than its previous release (again like saturn in relation to genesis).

Now we know what happened to Sega when they tried to make things right. Dreamcast was a great system but the brand of PS was just to strong by that time and many simply held off getting DC in favor of the PS2. Despite Sega doing everything right... the DC still failed and they decided to turn their attention to going 3rd party.

So does that mean another part of history will repeat and many will hold off on the next xbox because they know the PS5 will be coming out (provided the next xbox releases before)? If MS really wants to not go the way of Sega then they know what they need to do. Focus on games games games and just keep putting $$ towards their xbox division to provide them with the funds necessary to keep things moving forward.

ABizzel11807d ago

Xbox will never dominate, and struggle to ever win a console generation simply because they don't have the presence / marketshare of Europe, Japan, and the Rest of the world that Sony and to an extent Nintendo has.

Japan (25m Nintendo handheld, absolute best case scenario 1m Xbox console)
Japan is dominated by handhelds where Nintendo reigns supreme and an easy +20 million. PlayStation at least does well in Japan selling around 10m consoles. Meanwhile out of 3 generation only 1 Xbox console has broke 1m units sold in Japan.

Europe (45m PS console, 20m Xbox consoles maybe more)
Europe is PlayStation land, Sony's worst selling PlayStation console with all the negative press and high price, still ended up winning that generation in the European market by nearly 10m units over the 360. Xbox sales have declined in EU with the XBO, meanwhile Sony has regained a near PS2 level of marketshare in the region as it closes in on 40m units sold compared to XBO which will have a challenge reaching 20m by 2020.

Rest of World (20m PS consoles, best case 10m Xbox consoles)
Again PlayStation land. PS3 outsold both Wii and 360 with everything going against it, and now PS4 is flatout dominating and is the 2nd best selling console in the PAL markets only behind the PS2.

North America is the only region they have any chance of winning, thankfully it's the biggest market for them, which helps their overall numbers, but it's not enough to help with the huge gaps in the other 3 regions.

This title should read Xbox spends 2018 correcting the mistakes XBO made in 2013, and will once again be competitive the next console generation.

crazyCoconuts1807d ago

I don't think we should discount the possibility that the author isn't being paid, he's just an idiot.

gangsta_red1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )


Good question Krib, another good question is why does this obvious false narrative in every positive Xbox article continue to occur?

Ceaser98573611807d ago

The word Dominate is actually funny, when you lost this gen...

So may be that's why kribwalker people laugh when a topic like this comes up... Why not we wait and see how both the company does next gen....

rainslacker1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )


Sega supported their console with games, and had decent enough 3rd party support, although it suffered on the Saturn due to the way they bumped up the release date. Sega didn't have the money to continue releasing a console though, and had to go software only. MS can weather that storm, so their issue isn't not making a return, because they probably are making a return due to the software licensing, and subscription services which is where they make most of their money anyways. Sega didn't sell enough software to recoup costs, and competition hurt them a lot more than what Sony is doing to MS right now.

Despite what's going on with MS now, they are making money. Sony isn't killing MS. MS just hasn't been making significant gains this gen.

Dreamcatcher451807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )


Because it's not news.. Or facts. It's someones opinion and we're allowed to not agree on it.

Silly gameAr1806d ago

It's the holiday season. PR people and shills are out in full force. Probably being paid to post and push articles to spam N4G with.

Bronxs151806d ago

@darth I like your post. That’s a really cool analogy between Xbox and Sega. We can even say failed peripheral like 32x was like Kinect. I know it’s dont work as a completely accurate analogy but fun.

Anyways I see the similarities, but sega was strapped for cash and lost third party supports. Ms is loaded and has good relationships with third parties. For example anthem and cyberpunk revealing on their stage.

I sold my Xbox one x and stuck with a pro. Played everything I wanted too on Xbox this gen. But if they have some balling first party games next gen (exclusive or not) I’ll get the new Xbox in a heartbeat with a game pass sun to play them. Plus it should be backward compatible and I had some digital games I purchased that I didn’t get to play before selling my Xbox.

Lastly do you think you (or anyone else) can make a similar analogy but instead of ms being like sega in the battle against Sony. What about ms being like Sony in the battle against Nintendo?

In this analogy everyone thought the n64 would be amazing coming off the snes like we expect for the ps5 coming off the success of the PS4. Then the ps1 turned into an awesome beast of third party games and exclusives that really beat the n64. Maybe the scarlet will be like that ps1 and upset expectation?

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Eonjay1806d ago

Yeah I had no idea that Sony and Nintendo were gonna stop making consoles and/or consumers would be given no voice.

ThinkThink1807d ago

Not everybody. I've only seen two articles. They are definitely learning from their mistakes and have been making smart choices which will help set them up for more success next gen. I don't think that anyone can argue against that. I don't think they will dominate next gen but I'm fairly confident that it will be how it was during the ps3/360 era where both systems are for the most part neck and neck.

Nyxus1807d ago

I even doubt that. They need to do more than buying studios that were for the most part already developing Xbox games anyway. Besides, the Xbox One left a lot of people very disappointed in the brand, it will be hard to get them back. The PS3/360 era was close because of some factors like the PS3 being a lot more expensive, releasing a year later and getting a lot of bad press. It's difficult to imagine these things happening again.

BehindTheRows1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

The only reason the systems were 'neck and neck' last gen was due to Sony's early mistakes. Not something magical Microsoft did. Pound-for-pound, Xbox won't ever beat PlayStation when they are on their A game. Europe and Japan will ensure that.

What I CAN see happening next gen is a little more competitiveness out of Microsoft, and if they play their cards right, they'll have closer weeks with the PS5 (they'll still be outsold weekly, though). But, anything like the 7th gen? No. Dominate? Definitely not.

DarXyde1807d ago

What exactly are you basing this on? With the current improvements, Xbox One still isn't outpacing PS4.

At best, I would say Xbox will perform better in their usual success regions, but that's it. As far as Xbox 360's success, it's difficult to speak conclusively to the reasons behind its success: it launched early with a definitively better online infrastructure, cheaper price point, and better running multiplatform games for a little while; PS3's launch was a disaster with high price and confusing/ creepy advertising, and the X360 failure rate did artificially inflate sales success (although it's difficult to say by how much). It's pretty multivariate, and I'm sure Sony did benefit from Microsoft's early mistakes, BUT PS3, with all of its handicaps, still outsold X360. Playstation is simply the more appealing global brand, and for good reason. The games are more diverse, the games are more critically acclaimed, and the games pretty much keep coming once it starts.

crazyCoconuts1807d ago

Because they can't make any more mistakes (they already used them all up), they have a charismatic exec that projects every strategy he has years before execution, and they're going to rock the gaming world by releasing Xbox Now - they call it "streaming". They bought all these little studios that will crush the competition by adding extra A's to AAA. And with the full weight of Microsoft behind them, Xbox will be as well liked as other beloved MS products like Microsoft Mobile, Internet Explorer, and Windows. And Sony has no idea any of this is coming, because Phil was careful to not leak his strategy in Japanese. They won't know what hit 'em!

RauLeCreuset1807d ago

Satire really is underappreciated here. You have my up vote.

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gamer78041807d ago

don't think dominate is the right word, I think they have positioned themselves better going out of this generation and into the next. I think next gen will be fiercely competitive, hopefully we all win as a result.

Razzer1807d ago

I agree. "dominate" is nothing but hyperbole at this point. I absolutely expect Xbox to be more competitive next gen.

neutralgamer19921807d ago

I'm 2012-2013 all major 3rd party publishers placed their bets on Xbox one so this isn't anything new. Xbox360's success HD 2 major factors

1. Came to the market a year before ps3

2. RROD added to sales numbers

Next Xbox will do better but Ps5 will be the market leader. Xbox buying studios is a moot point when Sony has more and have had more producing high quality titles for a while

Smok911807d ago

People are saying it because PlayStation dominated this gen. Nintendo taking 2nd.

Kribwalker1807d ago

is the switch 8th gen again? I can’t keep it straight. just two days ago i was told i was wrong to think the switch is a 9th gen system, and that the WiiU was nintendo’s only 8th gen system, and if that’s the case, the xbox brand is 2nd place again, just like the previous 2 gens (xbox out sold the gamecube and dreamcast, by the last official numbers, the 360 was ahead of the PS3)

Is it an 8th gen or 9th gen system?