Xbox Live Games With Gold For January 2019

Major Nelson: For the month of January, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games - two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 - as part of the Games with Gold program.

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gangsta_red524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Celeste looks cool, as for the rest...meh. another lackluster month for GWG.

Hopefully I don't get an..oh, it's an Xbox article, no worries.

Atom666524d ago

Celeste is something special.

IamTylerDurden1524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Celeste is supposedly a great little indie, but it seems like GwG doesn't offer the same number of quality AAAs since the advent of Game Pass. I know BF1 was given recently and there was one month featuring For Honor and another AAA, but overall that is an aberration rather than the norm. Tbh BF1 is practically given away these days. It's $3.99 on PSN atm.

iplay1up2524d ago

A ton of games just released on Games Pass. Ashen, Below, Senu Helblade, I have so many games to play, I cant keep up!

gamer7804524d ago

yah I'm drowning in games, I'm nearly done with Shadow of the Tombraider, nearing the end then a few of the extra dlc challenge tombs. Then I have Final Fantasy Maxima, FFXIII-lightinging returns(recently BC x enhanced), Hellblade, Below, then KH3 at end of January, also need to give Spiderman a go (just finished kingpins intro section), crackdown3 and Black Desert in feb.

Tons on the backlog too. Great time for gaming.

iplay1up2524d ago

Ori and the Blind Forest released today! The new one drops soon, and will be on Games Pass day one. Have never played Ori.

gamer7804524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

if you've not tried guardian of light with a friend, its great coop fun, unfortunately I've beaten both of those Lara Croft games.

TGGJustin524d ago

Celeste is awesome. However they gave that Lara Croft game before. This is the first time that either PS+ or GWG has hit us with a duplicate and it's not cool. It doesn't matter if some people missed it back then it's not fair for those of us who have been members since the start and already have it. First they give us an old OG Xbox game last month and now they hand us a duplicate. Not cool at all.

ElementX524d ago

Not cool? You feel so entitled that you deserve something new every month? Gold was meant for playing online, they added the games as a bonus.

TGGJustin524d ago

Entitled? Give me a break you corporate apologist. It doesn't matter that Xbox Live was only for playing online years ago. The fact is they promised 2 new titles on Xbox One and Xbox 360 every month for years now. There are people who purchase Xbox Live just for the free games. Not everyone cares about playing online. You aren't the one who decides what Gold is for.

Atom666524d ago

Same thing happened a couple of years ago on PS+. People complained and got Sony to offer up something else. Neither situation is something really worth crying over imo.

TGGJustin524d ago

I'm sorry when was this? I've been a Plus member since day 1 in 2010 and they have never given me a duplicate game. Can you tell me exactly when this was and what the game was? Was it in another country? I know for sure the US has never had one.

TGGJustin524d ago

Ah so yeah it was in Europe only. I'm in the US so that's why I wasn't quite sure. They've never pulled that stunt here. Still at least they made it up for the EU players and gave them something else. Microsoft needs to do the same thing.

Kribwalker524d ago

I honestly don’t care. more then half the time i don’t even play the games with gold games, or i already own them, so to me this isn’t a big deal that i get a 360 game twice. I’m sure if there’s enough people that complain about it then they’d do something about it, but otherwise meh, not something to get worked up over unless it became the norm. then it’d be shittier.

i’m sure you are flaming mad about sony removing PS3 and Psvita games as well, especially right after their prices went up they announced it

TGGJustin524d ago

Actually no I'm not. I've been expecting it honestly for awhile now. At least they gave people a head's up a whole year in advance. They did it right. That way no one who only had those platforms renewed their PS+ and then felt ripped off later. Microsoft is just straight up changing their rules without any notice and leaving some members with less than what they promised.

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FlyGuyHung524d ago

First time in about 6 months that im actually looking forward GWG. Celeste alone makes it worth being excited over.

IamTylerDurden1524d ago

Weird how people used to rip Sony for giving quality indies on PS Plus, but now people are hyped about them on GwG. The tides have seemingly shifted a bit.

x_xavier_x524d ago

I haven't played any of these titles so I'm excited to give them try. Far Cry 2 is the only one of that series that I skipped.

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The story is too old to be commented.