Shmup 'R-Type Dimensions EX' comes out on PS4

Tozai Games releases 'R-Type Dimensions EX' for PlayStation 4.

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Orbilator1743d ago

Looks awesome, i grew up on rtype

Einhander19711743d ago

Yes an amazing franchise I have all the Rtype games:)


Vic Viper and R-9 compete - Gradius vs. R-Type

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VideoChums1498d ago

Vote for either Gradius or R-Type at the bottom of the article! 🎮😄


R-Type Dimensions EX (Switch) Review - WorthPlaying

Coin-op classics R-Type and R-Type II come together as R-Type Dimensions EX, with original 2D and new, fully-enhanced 3D graphics.

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indysurfn1584d ago

Man I'm tempted! This is the only game I will buy a joySTICK for. I used to love seeing if I can beat it with just putting one set of quarters in (it cost 50 c) back them for a turn.


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crazyaejay1600d ago

Steredenn is totally underrated.