Blizzard To Prevent Level 110s From Turning Off Experience Gains

Blizzard announced the change after players were gaming the system to level others’ alts. Blizzard has announced today that they were going to hotfix the game to prevent level 110s from turning off experience gains. The change comes as players have used a specific loophole in the game.

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Vhampir60d ago

Can't sell those leveling tokens if players can be power leveled by their friends. Blizzard is on a roll!

PapaBop60d ago

At a time when player happiness is at an all time low, they go and pull this. Why not fix the scaling of the island expeditions? Personally I prefer staying at 110 on a lot of my characters because they feel more powerful than 120 ones and the legendaries are far more fun to play around with than the azerite system. At this point it seems silly even calling them Blizzard anymore, they're Activision now.

LordoftheCritics60d ago

I do agree that player happiness is at an all time low.

PapaBop60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

It shows too, planning on removing a lot of the digital items and giving everyone a last chance sale on the bundle. Presumably to make up for the lost subscription $$$