PlatinumGames Teases News Coming in 2019; a "Really Intense Year"

Today's issue of Weekly Famitsu included an article in which many Japanese developers shared their plans for 2019.

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isarai2031d ago

REALLY want to hear more about their BABYLON’S FALL project with square enix

PapaBop2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

It'll happen in the future no doubt. The first one outperformed sales wise so I'm sure we'll see it.

Segata2030d ago

Too soon for a new one. PS5 title maybe.

nommers2030d ago

Hopefully there is a follow up to Automata, but how I can’t possibly imagine. I’m sure it might be for a different era again like the first Nier. But continuing the story directly from Automata seems unimaginable as it wrapped up everything so well.

Teflon022030d ago

It would be a new story and probably not called Automata seeing Nier Automata is technically the name of the second game in the side series that is Nier.

Shinox2030d ago

What the hell is wrong with people wanting sequel for overrated mediocre games that JUST RELEASED recently and doesn't ask for titles that haven't seen sequels to this day from PS1 / PS2 era .. ffs WE WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT IDIOTS

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Blu3_Berry2030d ago

I need more Platinum Games in my life.