Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi Is Starting a New Project

Things have been a bit rough for Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in 2018, but it appears that he is ready for a brand new beginning.

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Nyxus869d ago

Please don't be a mobile game.

Abriael869d ago

Indeed. Pretty please Gooch. You still owe us Terra Battle for consoles.

NecrumOddBoy869d ago

You put out several good Japanese role-playing games on Xbox but the platform was not the right place to put them. It would be kind of nice if he did some sort of remaster collection for games like Lost Odyssey and blue dragon for current-gen. Would be a good way to get switch and Playstation gamers you missed out from not owning a 360 the opportunity to enjoy these.

pietro1212869d ago

I think MS owns the rights to both ips

Razmiran869d ago

I dont think MS owns the Blue dragon IP since there was a game for nintendo DS

Saranya869d ago

@Razmiran MS owned Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey ips. For Nintendo DS version that wasn't main game

timotim868d ago

Both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey sold pretty well. At the time of release, Xbox 360 was the best selling console, unless you're suggesting they should have been Wii exclusives...

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Segata869d ago


Because DS had no MS competition in that space. Rare worked on DS games.

Trueflames868d ago

Microsoft owns both ips tell that to the idiot up there who post blue dragon came out on ds lol it did but its microsoft profit

Muzikguy868d ago

Yeah better start now may have something still ready for PS5 generation

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darthv72869d ago

Blue Dragon sequel and/or remake would be nice.

8bitRey869d ago

I would welcome this I finished Dragon Quest XI recently and a few times while playing I just kept thinking about how cool it would be to see another Blue Dragon.

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porkChop869d ago

No. His games should be experienced by everyone. Lost Odyssey, while not without flaw, was a phenomenal game that many people never got to experience.

Segata869d ago

The Last Story was also amazing and few played it.

XiNatsuDragnel869d ago

Yes I am boy lol but everyone should deserve it too but in JP, Sony and Nintendo dominance is strong. So at best PC, PS4, and Switch game would be good

869d ago
869d ago
343_Guilty_Spark868d ago

I didn’t ask it be exclusive try reading

XiNatsuDragnel868d ago


Read my post boy, I said at best PS4, Switch and PC. Even so, I said Switch and PS4 are top dogs there. Xbox is irrelevant with under 100 thousand. That's why It won't work

868d ago
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8bitRey869d ago

Lost Odyssey 2, por favor!

pietro1212869d ago

Does Microsoft own the rights to Lost Odyssey? I would love to see a remaster of it on the Switch and PS4

porkChop869d ago

Microsoft owns the IP. It could only show up on PC, but that's unfortunately not likely.

Saranya869d ago

Microsoft owned Lost Odyssey ips sir.

Spurg869d ago

Lost Odyssey 2, please.

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