BBC working on iPlayer for PS3 "Anthony Rose, head of Online Media Group, BBC Future Media & Technology, has revealed that a PS3 specific version of the popular iPlayer is in the works.

"We're... working on bringing BBC iPlayer to Sony PS3, but we're not quite there yet as the PS3 uses a slightly older version of Flash which doesn't support some of the features used in our media player, and the very promising Flash 9 update now available on PS3 has some compatibility issues," explained Rose in a BBC blog post."

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riddlesticks4651d ago

If this happens, it will be amazingly good news! I have always wanted iplayer on my ps3, atleast be able to watch the videos on it..

mabreu4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

Free on demand British TV on my PS3! I don't know if this plays in HD but its still a good addition if not. I also heard of PlayOn in the works which would bring Hulu, ESPN, CBS and others.

Does not replace my cable box though. I hate paying to watch TV :(

kharma454651d ago

You won't be able to use iPlayer unless you're in the UK.

I tried when I was on Holiday in Australia and Spain and it doesn't work. You must be in the UK to use it.

LoVeRSaMa4651d ago

What I dont udnerstand is how that 1 guy managed to basically hack the iPlayers stream, and make yet a whole team of "BBC" developers working together cannot even make the iPlayer work even with flash 9 support.

It shows that the BBC is bob =D

uie4rhig4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

you analyse iPlayers file structure (in this case the as it is/was the wii version that works the ps3).. the guy analyses the file structure, creates a page that gets requests the pages from iPlayer with a false useragent (iplayer uses the useragent string to determine what your browser is).. a few replaces in the html code.. use apache's mod rewrite addon if you want to keep the same file structure on the new page.. and there you go..

edit: i just read on the guy's blog that used to use this method, but has changed it recently :P

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Darkseider4651d ago

Even though I am here in the States the iPlayer for PS3 would be HUGE. Good luck folks and I hope it comes to fruition soon.

pandabear4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

I've been using the unoficial PS3 iplayer for months now and works a treat

Just type this in to your PS3 address bar and bingo!!!

Karum4651d ago

This will be a sweet feature when it does come in, I rarely miss anything I want to watch due to being a Sky+ user but it does happen from time to time so this will be welcome.

Hopefully the US and other regions of the world can get something similar, like don't NBC have the functionality on their site to watch shows that were already aired liked Heroes? Would be cool if US customers could have that built into their PS3's just like we will get the iPlayer.

ZmokeR4651d ago

what is an I-player ?
And what does it do?

:) dont hate me ...

St04651d ago

BBC iplayer lets you watch BBC programes on your PC whenever you like, like if you missed an episode of Heros or somthing

resistance1004651d ago

i will add, that this will only work on UK Ps3's.

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The story is too old to be commented.