Former Telltale Games Lead Writer Joins 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Studio

Mary Kenney, who was previously the lead writer at Telltale Games before its sudden closure earlier this year, has announced that she will be joining Insomniac Games, the studio most recently behind Marvel's Spider-Man.

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AK9189d ago

Um you could’ve just put Insomniac games in the title.

persona4chie89d ago

Yeah they're acting like Spiderman put Insomniac on the map or something

jaycptza89d ago

It's not Marvel's studio. It is the Studio that made Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game

LightofDarkness89d ago

...and that's exactly what's to be inferred from the title? They even put it in quotations 'Marvel's Spider-Man'. What more do you want them to do?

BlaqMagiq189d ago

I mean they coulda just put Insomniac Games. They acted as if no one knew who Insomniac Games were.

PapaBop87d ago

Honestly not even that.. Insomniac Games is Insomniac Games, article writers wouldn't refer to Naughty Dog as the TLOU studio.