Humble Sonic the Hedgehog Bundle features Sonic Mania, Sonic CD, and 10 more Sonic games

The Humble Sonic Bundle is now live. It features games like Sonic Mania, Sonic Generations, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic CD, and more. As usual, you pay what you want and a percentage goes to charity. A Steam account is required.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro61d ago

Well, I guess it's finally time for a Sonic marathon.

SegaGamer61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I got Sonic Mania, Lost World and All Stars Racing on Black Friday. I bought most of the others a few months ago.....If I had just waited, I could have saved a bit of money. Oh well, I still needed Forces and All Stars Racing Transformed, I'll just trade the other games for games I need.

It's an excellent bundle, probably my favourite bundle all year.

Tell me again why people dislike Steam all of a sudden? If it wasn't for Steam being structured the way it was, these kinds of deals wouldn't be happening. You go and use Epic's store if you feel like it, I'll stick to Steam where I can get games cheap from sites like Humble Bundle.

cha0sknightmare61d ago

Literally worth it for Mania alone.