Spider-Man: Unfulfilling, Unchallenging and Without an Interesting Story

Alex Barker, Pharm.D and guest contributor, writes about his own issues with Insomniac's recent Spider-Man outing, citing a lack of fulfillment and feeling that the game played it too safe.

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chrisx1561d ago

Sounds like he's secretly salty that this masterpiece is s PS4 exclusive. Spiderman ps4 is amazing, one of the best games this gen hands down.

AspiringProGenji1561d ago

He has the right to his opinion, but unfulfilling? Without an interesting story? Talk about unpopular opinion when playing as Spidey and traversing the city is very fun and the story is actually great.

At times I felt it was kot challenging enough, but it wasn’t a cakewalk either

darthv721560d ago

I dont know what game the writer played but it wasnt this one. It's the most fun I've had in a spiderman game since spiderman 2 on xbox/ps2.

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rainslacker1560d ago

When I first played through, it was on normal, and I found myself dying at times when you would probably just breeze through it. Typically on the street crimes. Maybe because I went into it too often thinking that it'd be a breeze.

Not that it's that hard once you get leveled up and learn the combat system better. Then you get on ultimate difficulty, and you land to fight, and you're suddenly attacked by all the mobs with guns and have to scramble to get the health boost thing.

Other than that, I found the story interesting. It was fulfilling for me, because it was a good Spider-Man game, and that was enough to fulfill my needs. I don't need a game to make me breakfast in the morning.

UltraNova1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

The game was perfect for what it was, a Spiderman game. Traversal? Best ever. Combat? Sublime. Graphics/city? Beautiful and one of, if not the best version of NY I've seen. Story? It was near perfect both in pace and length. The only "negative" about this game is that as soon as I finished everything on the map I didn't find my self wanting to go back in the city but maybe its just me idk. I will of course restart the game at some point.

Off topic: What's up with all the anti- PlayStation articles lately?

darren_poolies1559d ago


Why do you have to start all over again? You know there's a feature where you can literally transfer everything over from one PS4 to another? Or you could just download you save from the cloud.

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n1kki61560d ago

That's how kids think. In general most adults can afford, and often purchase all of the consoles. I can't believe people still think this way. Grow up.

PowerOfTheCloud1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

With me it is the opposite. When i was a teen i liked to have all consoles on the market, but now that i'm older and have a family i can't even keep up with the amazing ps4 games. So even if i admire the games on the switch, i just don't have the time playing the flood of quality games anymore so one console would start catching dust.

UltraNova1559d ago


That's the cold hard truth. Even if I can afford all 3 consoles and a decent gaming rig, I wouldn't get them cause they'd be gathering dust. There's just no time for more than one console's worth of games, unfortunately.

FITSniper1559d ago

These last two. I can technically afford all the consoles (and have a PS4 and Switch). But as far as time goes, if you have kids, you ain't got time fo that.

I bought a Switch to eventually play with my kids. My PS4 is for me in the time I have to play.

KickSpinFilter1559d ago

Ya opposite here also, as a teen had more time so I owned more than one console, now with mortgage, wife, kids, kitchen remodel, work and most of all time. I only have time for one console and this gen it's PS4/PSVR and that's kinda two anyhow. lol There is just way too many games this gen on PS4 and I'm drowning in backlog!

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NarutoFox1560d ago

Why do we even care about what this writer thinks???

EmperorDalek1560d ago

Ah of course - criticising a PS4 exclusive must mean you hate the PS4.

If you like the game and disagree, that's fine, but there's nothing wrong with saying why you dislike a game. That applies to any game on any system.

ArchangelMike1559d ago

Here's the thing about this generation of gamers - they are an entitled bunch. This whole idea that "because I have an opinion, therefore my opinion must be right", is so flawed it might a well be a pathological condition.

Just because a person has an opinion doesn't mean their opinion is right. Shocking - I know. I actually know people who believe the world is flat. It's just their opinion. I guess they must be right then aye?

steven83r1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Problem is he wasn't really saying he dislikes it. He is bashing it. When you say it's pretty much garbage with crap story and unfulfilling you are hating. It's ok to say that the game was lacking in some departments and compare it to say Arkham but that's not what this click bait crap was about.

Zenbaby3691559d ago

Wouldn't be their opinion if they didn't think it was right...

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OneLove1559d ago

I think Ive heard this like 1000 times. No one would be salty about a game that's been out a couple months now.

TheEroica1559d ago

Or it's just paint by numbers open world and the writer isn't afraid to say it?

Dizzy115231559d ago

lol at "masterpiece". It's a cookie cutter errand boy simulator that wishes it could be Batman.


josh-eh1559d ago

I actually agree with the guy. While I had a lot of fun playing Spider-man.. there were no surprises, and the story DID feel very safe. We barely got any villains until the prison break scene (which we already saw at E3) and then we had to fight the villains two at a time (Electro and Scopian/ Rhino and Vulture). It should have been paced better, and the parts where you controlled Pete or MJ wasn't that exciting. Overall, the game looked insanely good, the swinging was awesome, the combat was really fun.... but there were no OMG moments (that we hadn't seen), there were no surprises, and the story never got anything above "lukewarm". Just look at the DLC... it's just the same stuff over and over again...

I hope for the sequel they double down on the story and take more risks now that the world and swinging mechanics are done.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1561d ago

The story was bad yes, but the combat is great and the game definitely has challenge.

AspiringProGenji1561d ago

Of all issues Spiderman has, Story is not one of them

TekoIie1560d ago

I'd say the narrative is good, but the overall story is a bit lacking.

UCForce1561d ago

I don’t think so. Spider Man PS4 have great story.

Razzer1560d ago

The story was not bad. lol

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yoshatabi1560d ago

The story was not bad at all

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Dark_Knightmare21560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I’ve literally never seen someone say the story is bad matter of fact it’s the complete opposite where almost everyone talks about how amazing it is and that it has a better story than any of the movies and can hang with some for the best comic stories

Seraphim1560d ago

I wouldn't say the story was bad. Though it definitely could have been better.

End of the day this is Spiderman. The game play and game itself was simply a pleasure and blast. Not every single game needs a flushed out and perfect story like The Last of Us. Don't get me wrong, story lines and narrative are important. They did do a great job of bringing all these villains together to work w/ Mr Negative and ended the game with a, not so surprising bang. Perhaps they played it safe but I don't think their job was to revolutionize Spiderman or create a literary masterpiece.

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Nyxus1561d ago

I thought it was great, both the gameplay and the story. Performances by the actors were excellent, better than in most games, the game had an amazing polish and attention to detail, the combat was fun and fluid, the collectibles actually added to the story and were fun to get. Very entertaining game from beginning to end, and clearly made with a lot of love.

UCForce1561d ago

I agree with you, buddy.

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kindkinesis1561d ago

Very interesting article, I felt the same about this game.

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