The 2018 RPG of the year

The RPG genre has become synonymous with narrative excellence over the years, but in our current hi-tech generation of game design, narrative alone won’t make an RPG great. The best RPGs of 2018 innovated and reinvented the RPG in some way, whether in their storytelling, mechanics, graphics, or all three.

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NecrumOddBoy1982d ago

octopath traveler was quite an adventure. It wasn't without a few hiccups here there and I believe a sequel can go ahead and solidify its Crown as a phenomenal classic style RPG oh, so I'm glad to see you're getting some love. It's a hundred our game to to complete it which I think is pretty amazing

Neonridr1982d ago

Congrats to Octopath.. a well deserving game no doubt.

michellelynn09761982d ago

One of the best rpgs of all time. I love that game so much.

pietro12121981d ago

Really? It's not even one of Square's best titles.

michellelynn09761981d ago

Yeah it is. It is a masterpiece.

michellelynn09761981d ago

I believe you now. You described some of the aspects. I do think it can get better with sequels, but I just adored it.

pietro12121981d ago

Are you new to RPGs? It's a good game, but it has a lot of flaws.

michellelynn09761981d ago

I've played FF 1-15 DQ 1-11 Ys 1-8 the Tales of games. Oh I've played a few. Phantasy Star. I love that game.

Dragonscale1981d ago

Nothing to do with it being a switch exclusive though of course.

michellelynn09761981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I mean that's why I love Persona 5. Yep, it has to do with it being Switch exclusive. Ni No Kuni 2 I love that game too. So, no it isn't about being Switch exclusive. It's about the game.

pietro12121980d ago

While I do have my complaints, I do hope Square does decide to turn it into a series though. Despite its short comings it is the best title from Square in the last ten years.

michellelynn09761980d ago

I was excited because it is like the old school Square games. I do hope they fix a few problems, but I have 0payed it over 70 hours and I'm still playing it. It has sold enough, so it should have a sequel.

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shinoff21831981d ago

I would personally give it to dragon quest 11. Imo it's just a better game

SegaGamer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It's easily the better game. Octopath Traveler is good, but I can play a ton of games like that on Steam.

RedDevils1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Tell me because I'm having trouble looking for one ever since I finished the game.

bluefox7551981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

DQXI is absolutely a better game, in every way.

Nerdmaster1981d ago

I prefer Octopath's soundtrack. It's actually the first and only soundtrack I ever bought.

Segata1981d ago

Fully deserving. Fantastic game.

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franwex80d ago

Maybe due to it being published by square now has something to do with it. They delisted the Nintendo published version and will probably list the Square one going forward.