Spencer: Xbox Will Show Up in More Ways on All Devices; Satya's Enthusiasm for Gaming is Inspiring

Phil Spencer teased that Xbox will 'show up' in more ways to gamers on all devices. He also said Satya's enthusiasm for gaming is inspiring, giving Spencer and his team the freedom to 'chart a path and make a difference'.

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codelyoko36d ago

With Microsoft going all-in, Nintendo and Sony will tremble for the next generation.

darthv7236d ago

Yeah... I don't think so. But that was funny.

WombBat36d ago

Microsoft is doing good, but as long as they dont have pure exclusives there is no incentive to buy an Xbox console. They will lose next gen too.

quote me

mcstorm36d ago

Womb at it depends how you look at it.
If microsoft offer there games on various devices they don't need to sell 50/100 million xbox consoles. We all know the money is not made via the hardware but the software and services. So people not buying an xbox but then get a game/gamepass/a services on Windows is still going into the Microsoft bank account. Offering a streaming service via a none Microsoft device say mobile, tablet or other device is still money going into the bank for Microsoft.

Consoles as in one device are now starting to come to an end and services on various devices is going to be part of the new age and looking at both Sony and Microsoft Microsoft are gearing up ahead of Sony to push this like we have not seen before.

The next xbox may not sell as may devices as the next PlayStation but I would not surprise me if they make alot more £ from there services next gen.

UltraNova35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

MS/xbox will never win anything because there's no way to compare their performance against the competition.

MS doesn't like hard numbers aka Facts.

Fdan6435d ago

@UltraNova by hard numbers do you mean hardware sold? Because profit margins on hardware are almost non-existent...

UltraNova35d ago


If you sell more hardware you get to sell more software aka more money....did I really have to explain that?

bouzebbal35d ago

Xbox is clearly becoming a service in the future.

Muzikguy35d ago

I don’t see Sony trembling either. They’ve got exclusives, a great brand and recognized name, VR.... sure there are services out there that make more but guarantee that people will get burnt out paying those fees. I don’t even pay for online gaming right now as one example.

fr0sty35d ago

"Xbox will show up on more devices" sounds to me like they're essentially going third party.

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-Foxtrot36d ago

Until the PS6 and Nintendo Curve when people are playing the new Halo on the Xbox Game Pass App

lxeasy36d ago

I don't think sony and nintendo will tremble next generation but Xbox will undoubtedly do much better than it did with the xbox one gen in terms of sales, exclusives, and overall competition.

DarXyde36d ago

You never know what Sony and Nintendo are planning.

Vasto36d ago

Nintendo is a silent partner so they good. Sony sweating bullets for sure though.

thatguyhayat36d ago

Lol yeah i dont think so. Sad to see people fall for his PR bullsh*t but dont worry i was one of many who fell for it

BehindTheRows36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Explain how, and why, they'd be 'sweating bullets'. And I chuckle at the 'silent partner' talk. These companies are all in competition for your dollar. The sooner you understand business, the better your discussions will be.

Right now, the last company that should be in a 'trembling' position is the company that just wrecked its closest competitor in a way that would make Rocky Marciano jealous.

travestyj36d ago

Nintendo is not a silent partner of Microsoft. It's hilarious seeing the Xbox shills trying to cling on to Nintendo because they are such a better gaming company than Microsoft. Nintendo doesnt give two shits about Microsoft

Vasto36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Thats the response of somebody that is totally clueless about business.

Yea, Microsoft sure are trembling turning Xbox into a 10 Billion dollar division, adding new studios, partnering with AMD on the next Xbox and Cloud devices, partnering with Razor for Keyboard / Mouse devices, already talking about their next gen plans and being the tip of the spear thats making all digital a reality.

Sony is just a small company that only has PlayStation as their source of income and now you have the most powerful company in the world NOW serious about gaming and getting ready to go all in with full force. This is not coming from Phil Spencer either, this is coming from Satya Nedella himself. Do you honestly think that Sony is not worried? LMAO

This is not the same Xbox back in 2013 that was just a small part of Microsoft. Xbox has climbed its way up the latter of THE MOST POWERFUL COMPANY IN THE WORLD thanks to the Phil Spencer on Sonys watch.

You getting ready to see what getting recked looks like. You already seeing it starting to happen now.

See you at E3 2019. Oh, wait. LOL

Also to the ones that dont know about Microsoft and Nintendo. Dont hate!!!!

BehindTheRows36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Sony is just a small company that only has PlayStation as their source of income"

Based on that statement alone, no one should take anything you say seriously.

S2Killinit36d ago

Nintendo is a silent partner of Microsoft? Lol i guess the silent partner is doing better than daddy Microsoft then.

rainslacker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Nintendo isn't silent. They were open and transparent about MS helping them with their online ecosystem. But other than helping them get set up, and likely the management of the service since it's probably run through Azure, I don't really see how that makes them partners for anything else.

In any case, any of these companies would work together if its beneficial to them. When I see Nintendo or Xbox games come to each others systems, then I'll believe there is something more to talk about. Otherwise, remaining silent could be seen as collusion against a competitor, which is actually illegal if they're trying to undermine competition for their own gain. Are you suggesting that Nintendo and MS are doing something illegal? Teaming up to make themselves more competitive is one thing, but teaming up tends to denote that it's public, and mutually beneficial for both them and the consumer. Otherwise, what more could they possibly be doing to help one another which should have Sony worried?

"Sony is just a small company that only has PlayStation as their source of income"

Sure. I mean, Sony pictures is actually making money now. They have one of the largest financial lending institutions in Japan. They are still the largest camera CMOS maker in the know, those things used in smart phone cameras. They still pretty much have the commercial and professional music production industry on lock. They have the largest record label in the world through Sony Music, and all its subsidiaries. They have a modestly successful cell phone line. They still make money off DVD, Blu-Ray and UHD. They are still a large seller of home electronics.

While MS has more money, they actually have less products. They rake in most of their money through Office, Windows and enterprise products. To put it in perspective, if PS is Sony's only source of income as you claim, they made significantly more than MS has on gaming this gen than MS has, because their net worth is many times over what MS is. In fact, it would mean that Sony accounted for about 1/3rd of all global spending on games these past 5 years. But I suppose that doesn't fit too well with your argument.

"now you have the most powerful company in the world NOW serious about gaming and getting ready to go all in with full force"

Oh. So MS is JUST NOW ready to compete? Well. If that's the case I'm sure it will do as well as their smart phone venture....twice. Or their MP3 playing venture. Or MSN messenger will be the go to messaging service, which it did when they brought out skype. Remember how MSN took over the reigns from MySpace?
Or the Windows Store which is struggling against the entrenched competition, not just with games, but across mobile platforms, and even within Windows. Like how they were successful with Games For Windows Live. I'm sure they'll be as successful with it as they were with TerraServer or Bing.

Thank God MS is now ready to compete. nothing can stand in their way. Except the competition of course, which is usually which grinds MS to a halt, because they end up not being able to compete against entrenched competitors, mostly because they think that throwing money at something is all it takes.

rainslacker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You're right. This isn't the same XBox as back in 2013. But it is the same MS. Remember how the old CEO of MS was all about gaming as well? Steve Ballmer wasn't opposed to gaming, and saw it as an important part of the companies future. He fought to keep the Xbox brand part of MS against a faction of investors who wanted to spin it off.

But you know what....Xbox was ready to compete back in 2013. They did so poorly, but they did some things right. There were games to look forward to in 2013. There were even promises which could be taken seriously in 2013. Like the family plan thing they had for sharing...although I question if they could have pulled it off. Sorry, but MS now, while they do have some good services and features, is actually not as good as it was in 2013. The only problem with Xbox back then was the DRM and always online fiasco, and the price. The games were fine. The system was acceptable at least. The price won't be cheaper if MS wants to chase being the most powerful. The games may come, who knows. The system will probably be fine. But to say that Xbox is somehow now better is objectively false, since the only thing you have to say that as proof is the promise of maybe being better one day.

I see your problem here though. You're confusing the negative perception and mind share of the market with what the product itself had to offer for the consumer as the metric for what is worth citing as important. MS right now certainly has better mind share of the public now. But as for what it has to offer potential customers, it is really far behind. If it weren't for the DRM policies, and potentially the inflated price because of Kinect, Xbox would have been just dandy to consider at the start of the gen. Much better than it is now, as I wouldn't consider it, and surely wouldn't recommend it given the choices.

What you have now is MS making a product that serves their vision of the future. A future for them. The GaaS talk, and all the obvious attempts at making gamers accept that eventuality are proof enough that their interests aren't in the traditional, but the kinds of things publishers have been forcing down our throats since last gen. They're showing that they still want this always online future, they're just doing it in a more consumer friendly way. They won't abandon the traditional going into next gen, but they'll keep widdling away at that market until they get the market they want. Same way publishers kept adding MP, now not making SP as much, and chasing after the MT/GaaS dream as much as possible.

There is more to be concerned about with MS actions than there are to look forward to. Give them props for the good things they do, but keep a weary eye on them for what they intend to do. If there is one thing that MS has always proven itself to be worthy of, it's that they need to be watched, and called to task, and if the consumer is lucky, they may actually win a thing or two as MS forces its will upon the world.

bluefox75535d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night, bud.

bluefox75535d ago

@rain MS has always struggled with industries they don't have a monopoly in.

Muzikguy35d ago

MS must be laughing their asses off that they’ve got people willing to wait for four consoles until competing in the space becomes important. Not that I believe it’s even happening yet, but it’s funny

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P_Bomb36d ago

All in like Sega? Unless they go 3rd party it ain’t really all in.

gangsta_red36d ago

I'm positive Sony will have something similar to playing on any device down the line, they already have a service that is currently available on PC and PS4. I'm sure they are also getting set to offer it one more devices as they did before.

As for Nintendo, well they dance to a different groove but I'm sure later they'll come into the fold and offer a similar type of service that allows gamers to play on any device.

81BX36d ago

C'mon dude I like xbox too but that's ridiculous. If anything it's going to help push next gen competitively.

rainslacker36d ago

Yeah...look at them quake in their boots.

Sony is all in right now. Unless they let up, they don't need to worry.

Nintendo will treat the Switch with the same support they gave 3DS, and they'll get enough 3rd party support to not have to worry about MS, since they aren't even directly competing with MS anyways.

Xbox showing up on more consoles is more about MS diversifying the brand, which will be in areas which neither console competes in as much. Sony itself will be fine with their cloud gaming, and I don't think Nintendo cares unless it's the mobile market, and even there, they don't seem to care that much.

TKCMuzzer36d ago

So, you mean losing an identity will improve your sales. Simple business, don't complicate things, make a console, make games for it and you know what? people will buy it.
I don't know what Xbox is anymore as it seemingly is going to be everywhere, it means less.

outsider162436d ago

Tremble? I think not. But hey, Im all for the going all-in part.

Fdan6435d ago

Sony has a major problem, they're going to have to fight MS, Google and probably Amazon next gen. Much bigger companies with much more cash available.

Chevalier35d ago

Thats just one of the most idiotic statements anyone could make. MS always had more money every gen they've been a part of. How many of them were won by Xbox? Sony won 3 and Nintendo won the other. Pretty sure they'll both be fine. Both Sony and Nintendo have strong 1st party studios and are recognizable brands. Sure Google and Amazon both have a lot of money, but, MS just proved having more money doesn't mean you'll instantly have talented studios ready to go.

rainslacker35d ago

Sony's been competing against MS for quite a while now, and they seem to be fine against them. I know more competition can put more heat on them, but despite the money that each company has, people know Sony as a gaming company. Probably more than they recognize them as a electronics company compared to when they first got into consoles. Sony is entrenched in the market, and it's not like newcomers just hit it big because they have money. MS didn't exactly light the industry on fire with the first Xbox, and while Google and Amazon can indeed make a splash, it doesn't automatically mean they will. Especially nowadays where all these companies seem to bank on trends that they think gamers want, instead of focusing on making something exciting in general.

nowitzki200435d ago

They usually go "all-in" with talk. No surprise here

SolidGamerX35d ago

"tremble"? lol, these are my favorite kinds of comments.

Inzo35d ago

MS went all in and had a year head start with the 360 and still ended up being bitch slapped by both Nintendo and PS3. MS went all in with the Xbox one and are currently having their asses handed to them by both PS4 and Switch. I dont mention the first Xbox because its an irrelevant platform.

Muzikguy35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

They’re charting a path leading to more services. Not a future I want to see for gaming. Hopefully others will feel that way too. I mean, eventually quality will suffer

Tazzy35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

No way to me it just shows that Microsoft can very well be out of the console business in the future all devices includes Nintendo and Sony consoles. ;)

TheRacingX35d ago

Its a ridiculous fanboy comment, but I love how the SONY defence force jumps right in with 125 down votes....hahahaha that is hilarious, lighten up people its a plastic box full of transistors....

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SpaceRanger36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Dang, they really are expanding to a service model. I can see them sticking to software (if their new studios deliver) late next gen.

Especially with mobile device technology taking leaps and bounds each year.

KaiPow36d ago

I wholly expect to see Xbox Cloud gaming come to mobile. Sony showed it could work with PS4 Remote Play for the Xperia.

Alexious36d ago

Right, Project xCloud will be on another level though.

Rude-ro36d ago

@alexious Microsoft has to offer anything at a whole other level before one would believe they would 😂

Obscure_Observer36d ago


"Dang, they really are expanding to a service model. I can see them sticking to software (if their new studios deliver) late next gen."

I´m sure we hearded this talk before Phil Spencer announce the Scarlett and destroy fanboy´s fantasy world. Lmao!

SpaceRanger36d ago

He’s mentioned doing both. Not sure what you’re on about. “Lmao!”

He mentioned providing the “Xbox Experience” AND building a console for people to play. Like I said, based on how their new devs deliver, they may switch to full on software.

rainslacker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The console is a means to an end. The console is the access to those services. The console will play games, but the services are heavily integrated into that console. It's like that now for both the XBox and PS. MS just has more services. MS pushes the services much more than the console though. It doesn't have to be an either or thing for any company. Just that they have to provide for their user base.

gangsta_red36d ago

I can see the confusion where people may think that MS is strictly moving to the software side. Even though we have had a gang of articles about MS working on their next gen consoles.

But those articles keep getting failed on here while a ton of articles talking about MS providing a bunch of services on other devices get approved.

SpaceRanger36d ago

Maybe because those “next gen consoles” articles are half-baked rumors for desperate fanboys wanting this gen to be over and this article above is actually a well written article based on Phil’s talking points...from himself.

Try not to hurt your head. It’s not that complicated of an answer to your question.

rainslacker36d ago

We're all aware that they're making Scarlett. Unless there is some new information surrounding that fact, then it's considered a duplicate article or old news. The part about them moving to the software side is all opinion pieces barring some new bit of information that makes it into an article. Hence, they don't fall into the duplicate category.

It's a problem with the way N4G facilitates articles. It's probably also why you see a lot more MS articles on here that seem disjointed from the actual amount of things they're doing compared to the competition, because every quote from Spencer or another MS exec, or the multitudes of press releases they do, deems it appropriate to make allow another article here on N4G.

But to what you mention, I see new scarlett articles when a MS exec says something about it, so I don't think it's collusion on the part of N4G, it's community, or the mods, because if it were, all this PR fluff we see constantly praising MS right now wouldn't be making it, and we'd see a significant amount more of Sony articles, which tend to not make it because the opinion pieces don't make that many articles about the good stuff Sony does, and Sony isn't constantly jabbering on social media saying how great they are like Spencer.

gangsta_red35d ago


Yeah, so half baked that multiple sites have all been getting the same exact rumors saying the exact same thing about Xbox working on new consoles.

But for some reason fanboys want to pretend those aren't in the works in favor of thinking MS is going to be a software company only.

That's the part that hurts my head.

NXFather35d ago

Can you start linking them when you see them? Thanks bro. Real Talk.

NXFather35d ago

No shade. I want to read them for real.

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rainslacker36d ago

I believe that if Sony was open to XBL being some service on PS, then MS may reconsider the console market. The reason for this is that MS is more interested in the money from the software, and services, than they are in the money made form consoles. While they would get licensing money from having a console, or cuts of a sale from the digital store, the costs to run a console business is quite high. it segregates the market, and ultimately, if a person ends up buying a PS system, chances are higher they'll never get that customer for the duration of the generation.

MS wants the sign ups and sub fees. If it weren't for XBL sub fees, the console would probably be dead right now, especially if they could make money off other subs through other services, such as game pass. Or get those MAU's through their games released on other systems....which is actually possible, however any purchases still would have to go through Sony's store, which isn't what MS wants, because it can't do with that account what it wants to maximize profits. There is nothing with Sony's compliance that says that a publisher on their system can't require an account with the publishers service, but that account is heavily regulated when done through the PS system....and all direct connections have to go through PSN.

MS wasn't interested in getting into the console market as much as just being part of it. That's why they teamed up with Sega to make their OS. Had that partnership continued, it's possible MS would have managed Sega's networks, and if I had to guess, they may have eventually brought up Sega as a subsidiary. At that time though, MS was more interested in people having windows, and not so much that people just used MS services or products. Not much has changed, except now its all about having people using their services. The OS, or product itself is inconsequential to them.

gangsta_red35d ago

From this job posting it seems Some is looking to do the same. Going to be a very interesting next gen, right?

ShadowWolf71235d ago

If they were slapping all their new games on there on Day One, that'd probably be a lot more relevant.

gangsta_red35d ago


Of course it would.

And when they eventually do, then what? Will the narrative remain the same or will folks start to realize companies becoming software focused only is a good thing?

AngelicIceDiamond35d ago

@Space None smart comments are very abundant here and yours is no different. Not only did MS already announce a brand new console at E3 2018 and I quote “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to deliver the benchmark of console gaming” but also this brand new rumor So you can be quiet now, like forever about service model BS or what the hell you're talkin about.

fyiir2335d ago

Positive opinion on Xbox = Unpopular lol surprising. I agree with you

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ccgr36d ago

Can't wait to see what they bring to the table!

Jackhass36d ago

The sleeping giant has awoken!

Thundercat7736d ago

It was never a giant to start with.

RangerWalk26736d ago

Really? They are one of the largest companies in the world. With the buying power to consume the competition if desired. But thankfully, we as gamers have choices. Choices create competition. Competition creates innovation. We win no matter what.

jmetalhead7781236d ago

MS isn’t a giant?? I’m assuming he’s talking about MS looking like they’re fully backing Spencer and his team in the Xbox division... This generation is over and they got their asses handed to them. No doubt about it. But as an Xbox gamer, the sense is that they’ve built a very solid foundation for the gen of console gaming. The X is a fantastic console. Acquisition of studios(still have to put out solid games), game pass, and cross play with PC, Nintendo(sort of) is laying the groundwork for next gen. They will probably still “lose” in worldwide figures, but can see them performing much better next gen. I wish massive success to all 3 platforms. That keeps competition on their toes and benefits all gamers.

ShadowWolf71235d ago

@RangerWalk You guys really do think throwing money at a problem is all it takes to make it go away, don't you?

What's with these dudes salivating at the idea that MS could TOTALLY just buy everyone, but their "benevolence" is what "allows" us to have a market?

opc35d ago

It's great that they bought up a bunch of studios but unless they nurture those artists for years and allow them to create great games without worrying about sales.

35d ago
Kryptix35d ago

I thought the beast with no teeth already did and nothing else happened after.