Exclusive First Look at the Stunning New 'Days Gone' Art Book

Not only with fans get a chance to see some incredible behind-the-scenes looks, but developer commentary also reveals a new side to a wild new adventure.

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Rambokind36d ago

How I wish writers wouldn't editorialize as they do, "stunning, "Blown away," or "amazing..." Can we stop with this and just allow readers to decide for themselves? It's no different from the click-baity nonsense we see in the celebrity world, "Jennifer Lopez shreds with her red gown...." GTFO.

Silly Mammo36d ago

Your comment blew my mind, I'm absolutely shook and I can't stop crying. lol :-P

Lore36d ago

FYI it is not available anywhere to pre order at the moment.

Toolster36d ago

I have it pre ordered with GAME in the UK.

StormSnooper36d ago

Reall6 excited for this game. In the mood for a little post apocalyptic survival right about now. Alas, I have to wait.