David Hayter and Cam Clarke read The Night Before Metal Gear

As a special Christmas surprise for the Metal Gear fans, voice actors David Hayter (Snake) and Cam Clarke (Liquid) got together to read from The Night Before Metal Gear, a special Metal Gear edition of the famous Christmas story, written by David Hayter. All in rhyme, of course, with lots of references and jokes that the fans will surely appreciate.

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Jinryo1008d ago

One of the best Christmas gifts I got ever.

Nyxus1008d ago

These two guys are awesome!

WitcheRivia1007d ago

Fuck Kojima for thinking Queefer Sutherland would make a good Snake.

AK911007d ago

He did though I enjoyed him as Big Boss more than David Hayter but they should've got a seperate VA for the OG Big Boss in the Phantom Pain.

Also I would hate it if Kiefer voiced Solid Snake.

Lord_Sloth1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

There's more to that though than just "He's replaced Snake." He was creating more differences between Solid Snake and Big Boss. Also for spoilery reasons.

Jon_Targaryen989d ago

Thata BS and you know it. I remember reading back in the day that they chose Keifer cause he could do mocap of all hia action movies experience.. Which was just flat out bullshit seeing all the mocap was done by other actors as confirmed by Troy Baker.

PhantomS421007d ago

It would have been nice to add in Hayter at the end when they revealed the twist and Big Boss was explaining the plan to have the body double. It would have made way more sense as to why Venom Snake had a different voice actor.

Enigma_20991007d ago

Not every Snake needs to sound the same. But Hayter will ALWAYS be Solid Snake.

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PhantomS421007d ago

I want this to be a real book!