NVIDIA Marketing Head: Our H/W and Drivers are Both Superior to AMD's

We had a chat with the NVIDIA Consumer Marketing Head on a wide range of topics from Gamerconnect to NVIDIA's falling stock prices. This was his response.

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xRacer74x36d ago

No argument here. But things do change at one time Radeon was superior granted that was more than a decade ago.

Kados36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Back when it was still ATI. They have gone down hill since being bought out by AMD.

xRacer74x36d ago

Could not agree more, except I would add it was going down hill before AMD acquired them

porkChop36d ago

They're not wrong. I don't want AMD to fail in the GPU market, but they aren't giving people many reasons to choose them over Nvidia. Intel is set to release desktop GPUs. With their engineering prowess, and the all-star team they've been forming, I'm hoping they can bring Nvidia some real competition.

Princess_Pilfer36d ago

Kinda depends on the game we're talking about. AMD tends to rival or surpass performance in modern DX12 games when they haven't been deliberately sabotaged. (which is the reason things like Hairworks exist, it's a black box middle ware solution that exists for the *sole* purpose of destroying AMDs performance.) They odn't have anything that really competes with like the 1080 or 1080ti but thats a very small fraction of the market they don't necessarily need to have.

Nvidias DX11 drivers are just better, no question, but again, lots of modern games use DX12 (it's only going to become more common too) and in DX12 AMD actually competes.

Nvidias PR head is saying what Nvidias PR head is supposed to say: Whatever will cement their reputation and get people to buy their stuff.

Also, Intel is *evil.* Like, multiple successful anti-comptitive behavior lawsuits have been filed against Intel for doing shady shit like deliberately crippling AMDs performance with their GPUs by having the CPU run more slowly.

gamingunited36d ago

For the moment, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Navi has to offer. It probably won't beat Nvidia in the highest end, but if they can make a card that's high end but costs half as much you could easily have another AMD vs Intel situation where price becomes the deciding factor. Then we as consumers get a situation where AMD's rivals are forced to rethink rebrand and reprice everything they sell as Intel has had to do.

Adexus36d ago

I do wish AMD had the driver support and the powerful cards Nvidia have, I've only bought one AMD card years ago and it didn't even function properly for 2 days until they released a new driver for it.

Nvidia are really price gouging the hell out of their cards though so they need the competition.

Cobra95135d ago

They're not superior enough for the gouge prices.