Jill Valentine 1/4 Scale Figure by Wildhorse Studios Now Available for Pre-Order

The quarter scale model is officially ready for pre-order at $380 till the end of January 2019.

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CrimsonWing691130d ago

That does not look like Jill... like at all!

CorndogBurglar1130d ago

It actually looks like Jill from the 2nd Resident Evil movie. Same clothes and everything.

Pozzle1130d ago

The high heels are a bit of a weird choice though. Jill from both RE3 and the movies wore knee-high boots.

And if it IS supposed to be Jill from the games, where's the white sweater around her waist? It's a nice figure, but shame the details aren't quite right.

Cobra9511130d ago

They're going for the Sienna Guillory incarnation (movies) which I recognized right away, cause it's my favorite.

strayanalog1130d ago

"$380 with $180 deposit, plus shipping." - Pass, but I would at least consider it if it had free shipping and you guys gave me $180 and a date with Jill Valentine.