20° Resistance 2 Universe

A video interview from Ted Price and others at insomniac discussing the universe that is Resistance 2

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rbluetank4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

"Never sleep nor slip" is the "hits" as a game developer. This game is incredible and should be rate 12/10 with all the content that is on one disc. their is no fp game that has all this stuff happening at one time on the screen and on one disc. it is like a dream come that came true. the sp,coop and competitive mp for $60 is the greatest value ever given to consumers in one life time. Thank You Ted Price. FYI i am enjoying the beta. i will be buying the special addition on nov 4. i can not wait to put my 7 inch chimera on top of my 42 inch tv;while i am playing R2.

shine13964276d ago

I'm sure he hears that a lot....

Edit: saw it a second time...they sneaked in a some new footage, some sort of structure with huge cannons.

cellfluid4276d ago

All I have 2 say is wowwwwwwwww