Every Nintendo Console and Portable System Ranked

BI: “From the debut of the Nintendo Switch last year to the original Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System, we ranked our favorite Nintendo consoles.”

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Theknightofnights955d ago

I'm not really sure if GBC should be a separate entry. It was an upgrade, not exactly a new system.

Anyway, my list goes:
2. Gamecube
3. Switch
4. Gameboy/GBC
5. N64
6. 3DS
7. DS
8. GBA
9. NES
10. Wii
11. Wii U

michellelynn0976955d ago

My list is pretty similar to yours, but Switch is no2 and I actually liked Wii U more than Wii. Great list though.

mikeslemonade955d ago

all i know is Red Dead 2 is ranked higher than Super Smash. 97 compared to 93.

EddieNX 955d ago

One's a fighting game and one is an open world game. You can't compare them.

Smash Bros is the best fighting game there is and I'm having more fun with it than RDR2 currently. RDR2 gets boring whilst smash is pure intense.

RDR2 is ever so slightly overated imo.

King_Noctis955d ago

Great list, although I think the Switch and the 3DS should rank higher.

Orionsangel955d ago

How can you rank the NES so low? My only conclusion is you didn't grow up in the era of the NES?

Theknightofnights955d ago


Pretty much lol. I've owned one, but I didn't grow up in the 80's. The NES started some great franchises, but a lot of the games simply aren't as enjoyable. Still adore Dragon Warrior though.

yellowgerbil955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

The list is wrong. #1 is game and watch ball

porkChop955d ago

For the systems I've personally owned:
2. Switch
3. 3DS
4. N64
5. GBC

michellelynn0976955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

@mikeslemonade sure, but RDR2 is ranked lower than Perfect Dark, Metroid Prime and Zelda OOT. Plus Odyssey and BOTW are ranked as high. Tell me, how many Sony exclusives are ranked as high? I'll wait. How insecure can you be? I am glad I am mature enough to not go from one article to another and try to make every comment a fan war.
Maybe Smash should have medicore gameplay and bad controls and it would have a 97 too right?
GOW has a 94, Zelda and Mario have a 97. Which one do you think is better?

bluefox755955d ago

You guys both seem insecure, bragging about pointless numbers from game journos who have proven countless times their failure to be consistently objective. Just play what you like. You shouldn't need validation from some hipster living in the bay area.

michellelynn0976955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Let's just get back to the topic. I will post my list in a minute. I apologize and I will stay on topic.

LiamKreptic955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

What the f**k are you rambling on about?

michellelynn0976955d ago

No need to cuss. I was talking to Mike, not you.

bluefox755955d ago

SNES. Nothing they have made since comes close.

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The story is too old to be commented.