Gaming Age: Crash: Mind Over Mutant Review

Gaming Age writes: "Crash: Mind Over Mutant marks the first follow-up to the previous 360 title Crash of the Titans, and incorporates a lot of the same gameplay mechanics introduced with that game, like riding around on giant mutant beasts and swapping them out for various puzzle/areas. In reality it's a surprisingly decent platformer that gets completely marred by the inane backtracking that's forced on you from beginning to end.

When you first start up Mind Over Mutant you'll notice that the game itself looks pretty good, the cutscenes are actually entertaining (and inventive), and the platforming itself is fun and easy to get into. The first couple levels are pretty deceptive really, and it's easy to fool yourself into thinking that you've stumbled onto something great. However, once you get past the first few missions, you'll realize this "open world" style design that's been introduced is more of a pain then a simple level select hub style we've seen in other platformers for a while, since you'll constantly need to backtrack thru entire levels just to reach another level you've been to before but couldn't fully advance thru because you were missing a key mutant or other item. It honestly feels a bit like the "Metroidvania" style, but it absolutely doesn't work here, and even those games will introduce shortcuts or warps to get from one place to another quickly."

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