Sony Pulls "PS4 Family Management" Video After Anti-Censor Backlash

"Sony’s recent video that discussed the PS4’s “Family Management” functionality that could be used by parents to keep their children in line whilst playing has been removed after it became bombarded by commenters complaining about Sony’s censoring ways." Sankakucomplex says.

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NarutoFox38d ago

They have absolutely no reason to censor anything lmao

Sonyslave338d ago

Well it their system they can do want ever they want too lol.

Like seriously where these devs going to go xbox? Switch ? Nope.

PapaBop38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Yes, the devs will go to Switch at least. In Japan the Switch is arguably the more popular platform as the Japanese love their ability to game on the go. Seeing as most of the issues stem from Japanese developers, they'll happily "switch" for their local fans while putting our a censored version for the West on the ps4.

SegaGamer37d ago

I really hope Sony doesn't share the same arrogance. It's that kind of arrogance that pushes people away.

gamer780437d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Actually alot of the devs are going to the switch, releasing the full games as intended on Nintendo's platform where censored versions are released on the ps4. Xbox doesn't really have this issue, because they have a bigger issue of not having a much of a presence in Japan so these games don't get released on that system regardless, I hope that will change in the future. Right now, vote with your wallet, buy the games on the switch instead.

Kiwi6637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Your name suits you and what's the bet that if it had been the other two you would have very different opinion about it

TomatoDragon37d ago

I'm certain this is a parody account by the name....but yes. They are already going to the Switch, and releasing uncensored versions of the same games that are being censored on the ps4...and Microsoft has made big advancements with Japan in a round of meetings and talks.

RememberThe35737d ago

Yeah because Nintendo doesn't censor anything...

StormSnooper37d ago

First: Sony salve is a Xbox troll if his comment history is telling.

Second: as far as I remember, there was just a recent article about Nintendo censoring naked girl parts in a game. So I’m not sure about what you guys are saying. also, Sony recently responded by saying that they are merely following global standards applied by the laws of the countries in which they are operating.

DogJosha37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Japan AKA CERO tends to be one of the most strict rating boards. If it can get through them then something like ESRB isn't an issue. Companies like Sony blame others when they are the ones choosing to censor. Stop believing the BS unless you want people to think you are ignorant.

Also the way Sony is handling this should get them major lawsuits. By forcing last second censorship they are costing companies too much money. If they wanted to censor games, they should have given companies enough time to handle the changes properly and not waiting until the game is about to release.

fr0sty37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@Papa, are you really thinking Nintendo is going to let that go down? They've always been first in line when it comes to censorship, for over 20 years.

beulahland36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Well it their system they can do want ever they want too lol."

Well, you are Sony slave, so its completely natural for you to be such a sheep.

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Cmv3837d ago ShowReplies(7)
travestyj37d ago

Yes they do have the right to refuse games that sexualize children. If you disagree with that you have serious issues.

CaptainObvious87837d ago

Or maybe they just have more than 2 brain cells and can see the bigger picture.

Maybe they have this thing called empathy and can care about issues that don't affect them but affect other people because they're not a selfish little child.

No one should have the right to censor. If you disagree with that you have serious issues.

RizBiz37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

1) What?
2) There's nothing wrong with loli hentai because all of the girls are "very clearly 18 or older."

travestyj37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Are you really disagreeing that it is wrong to sexual children? Do you think child porn should be legal? How many pedophiles are on this site? You guys are sick and should seek help.

If you have any empathy you should have an issue with sexualizing children. Getting mad that a company is against sexualizing children is selfish you lunatic.

Rachel_Alucard37d ago

Except they aren't censoring children but Adult women in their 20s too.

travestyj37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

No they are censoring characters that act and look like children. Doesn't matter if they say they are 5000 year old vampires, if they look and act like underage children that is on purpose.

rainslacker37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Next time you decide to claim "sexualized children", how about instead you look at the topic from the view of the games which don't have sexualized children in them....or at least the representation of them, since these aren't real children.

There are more games being censored with that kind of content than there are with. Most of those games don't even make it stateside. One could literally count on one hand the number of those kinds of games which make it stateside every year.

In any case, that's just a western thing, and apparently the japanese aren't so stupid to think that a drawing is a real child. Maybe because they grew up with anime, and understand what the content is, instead of just immediately thinking it's a way to peddle pedophilia legally.

The amount of ignorance some people have on the content that this affects, or what is in these games is staggering. I thought we had gotten past this point where all Japanese anime games were kiddie porn last gen, when it was constantly used as a way to bring down the Japanese games, or shame gamers who the media felt should want to play western games more. So, since I've said it before, I'll say it again for you to ignore, but at least I can say I told you, A small percentage of the games being censored have the kind of content which is representative of young children being placed in provocative situations.

You've been stop repeating this ignorant ad hominum argument as if you think it makes you look smart, when you can try to make others feel shame because you get to imply they're deviants or pedophiles. If that's what you want to say, then just say it without the pretense, because either way, people aren't going to take you seriously. But shaming gamers won't bring you much satisfaction when these policies end up actually becoming a global standard, and then the SJW brigade decide to set their sites on the next thing which these companies decide to capitulate on, and then it does affect you.

It's not about what Sony has the right to do. They have the right to censor anything on their system they deem fit. Involving children, violence, sexual content of any nature, or even not allowing a rabbit to be portrayed in any game. It's their right.

But having the right, and them being right in doing it are two very different things.

TekoIie37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


Okay, so anything that could be seen as sexualising children should be censored? Anything that a pedo may get aroused by should be censored yes? Well then I hate to break it to you but it looks like Sony is perpetuating a double standard:

Didn't Sony get attacked for depicting domestic violence in Detroit? Why is it okay for Sony to censor 3rd parties but when they're the ones depicting questionable content in the eyes of the public its okay? I make the distinction of "in the eyes of the public" because that's been their reasoning for implementing these policies. But Detroit pretty much went out of its way to include content that brings out that exact same reaction.


Rachel_Alucard37d ago


That's not what's happening in reality, and I don't know what content you're looking at if you'd point me at it. They are only targeting Japanese games specifically, the age of the character has nothing to do with the policy. They are targeting adult women and everything else in that spectrum. Tell me how this is allowed again?

travestyj37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Detroit is not sexualizing children, not sure how you think that, you might also have some serious mental issues if you think that is what is happening in Detroit. Detroit actually depicts the sexualization of a child as an incredibly bad and horrid thing. These anime games are sexualizing children for peoples entertaining including allowing you to fondle them. What a messed up argument that was.

What exactly in that clip would a pedophile get aroused by? If you think there was anything sexual about that scene go get some help.

Rachel_Alucard37d ago


So you're just ignore the picture with the not even naked adult woman with the light rays covering her up? Yeah that's not an edit either. I swear, you people are very ignorant and think Sony is censoring just children, and calling everyone who would dare defend this backwards tactic "pedos." Go inside more.

travestyj37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Steam actually just announced they to will start censoring games that sexualize children. And who is that character? Which anime is she from? Does she act like a child? Putting big tits on a little girl doesnt make it okay. And settle down, there are only so many pedophiles I can reply to at a time.

Dirtnapstor37d ago

Stand strong travestyi...lots of sick pups here defending prepubescent porn. It's ridiculous that they insist on having a console maker bend to their fetishes, masked by "rights" and "freedom of..." just to get off.

Rachel_Alucard37d ago


Both of you are worse then the pedophiles you claim to condemn. There's no reasoning with ignorant people raised by American media.

travestyj37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Only a pedophile would have that mentality. Sexualizing children is one of if not the most disturbing and disgusting things a human can do which is why i am against it. I also know it goes widely ignored and is a huge issue in world, especially in the media. Let kids be kids, they are innocent. They should never be portrayed as sexual objects, especially in an interactive video game.

It is messed up that Japan only made it illegal just 4 years ago to possess chd porn. You are going to use their culture as an excuse that the rest of the world should be allowed to sexualize children? In some cultures it's ok to beat and rape your wife, so I guess with your logic it should be allowed everywhere else? Seek help, there is nothing worse than a pedophile, the fact that you think people that are against sexualizing children are worse than pedophiles says a lot about you. Rot in hell.

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rainslacker37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

With pulling it, at least they can't state that they aren't aware that people are upset about it. Good on people for speaking out against this.

I'd say take it one step further, and start talking about this on all their official videos. Be respectful about it though, because otherwise, it gives them the power to claim "hater". It's not like they can take down every video they have, and to me, the more negative attention they get over it, the more they're likely to have to do something about it.

Christopher37d ago

Parental controls aren't censorship. It's parenting.

dumahim37d ago

No. Their censorship is censorship. The parental controls video is just where people focused their comments to point out that they don’t need to censor their games because parental controls are in place.

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AspiringProGenji38d ago

Bad idea to come up with this now after censoring certain games. Should have done that first... this will show then how serious part of the community is with censorship

RememberThe35737d ago

It find this all of this to be ridiculous. I see no issue with informing parents how to limit the amount of violent and/or sexual content their children can access. How the hell is this a censorship issue unless your a whiny teen who doesn't want their mom messing with their PlayStation?

I'm cautious of censorship, but when it has to do with sexualizing child imagery I'm all for it. Keep that crap away from me.

Aura754137d ago

Why do you need Sony to keep "that crap" away from you when you can just do that yourself?

SolidGamerX37d ago

"used by parents", how would this have effected you at all, unless your eight years old and your parents used it, are you eight years old? The community isn't serious its insane.

rob-GP37d ago

I thought the videos on parental controls have been around for a very, very long time. It was probably a repost or something as they generally repost their instruction videos to help out new buyers at certain times of the year.

AspiringProGenji37d ago

The problem is not the video itself. It is the fact PS is already censoring mature Jap content and then come up with this

ninsigma37d ago

This could be good. Being forced to pull the video will definitely not go unnoticed from higher up and maybe there's hope they'll go back on this censorship crap.

PapaBop37d ago

Well I'm hoping the decision to pull the video was done by the higher ups and is both them noticing and reacting to the censorship bollocks.

rainslacker37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

TIme to show Sony there is no global standard. I say that people should call out the censorship policy on every official Sony video. For TLOU2, ask about if they're going to censor the lesbian kisses or romantic scenes with some rays of light. Ask if they're going to censor the violence. Same with God of War, ask if the violence will be censored.

Just keep asking the question. Force them to address it. They can't pull all their videos. They're using social media too much to promote their games to have to pull them all. About the best they can do is cut off comments, and then, they look like they're scared and can feel the pressure.

But the key is to be respectful, and just ask the question. Don't poke the bear with hate, because that just undermines the criticism. It'll happen anyways, because there will be those that aren't respectful, but it's important to keep the pressure on. Don't let it turn into a gamergate, where the criticisms are dismissed by blaming gamers for being something they aren't.

Start of this gen showed how powerful social media can be to stop the stuff we don't like. Time to use it against Sony, since it's been such a strong thing for them this gen.

dumahim37d ago

lol. Would love to see that happening on the Tetris video uploaded yesterday.

sampsonon37d ago

you're comparing two women kissing to child porn? interesting

blackblades37d ago

Its pretty funny how they uploaded the video and received a lot of angry comments about the censoring and had to take it down. Well they now know a lot of people dont like it. Hopefully it helps them backtrack.

SolidGamerX37d ago

Yes I think they shouldn't defenitly not give parents options to protect their children which is what this was about but you know some people are quick to spin it into a reason to attack Sony. smh

dumahim37d ago

It isn't about parental controls. People just used that video to voice their opinions and pointing out that censorship isn't needed when there's good parental controls in place.

SolidGamerX37d ago


Its absolutely about parental controls, that's what the video was about. This has nothing at all to do with censorship people are using it as an excuse to outrage even though the two things are not connected because people are dumb. There's no reason whatsoever to use that video to voice opinions.

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Blastoise37d ago

This is good, shows the community cares and Sony has inadvertently acknowledged it. It may only be niche games now but who knows what it'll affect in future. There is no upside to this, even Sony themselves risk losing sales and development partners. Pointless.

gamer780437d ago (Edited 37d ago )

hopefully they learn, release games as-is on their platform as developers intend, like steam did after backlash, then let the free market dictate whether it succeeds or not, and make parents actually do their job.

rainslacker37d ago

What's ironic is that this video is informative to help parents know about these features to make sure their children aren't playing these games. But without it up, there's less chance of parents to become informed. Thus, those kids may end up having easier access to violent games, which is probably worse for them than some silly innuendo games which they likely wouldn't understand anyways. Kids understand violence representations, but not really sexual things. Ever see a kid play guns or how confused they are when they see someone sexual?

Even more ironic is that these censored games are still getting released, with the content still mostly there, just with some stuff covered up. The general intent is still usually present in most cases. Context is still there, and if a kid is old enough to understand it, they're likely already exposed to much worse through peers or the general internet.

RememberThe35737d ago

Funny, this video was about helping parents actually do their jobs, and people got pissed anyway.

Reality is they're just going to remove these games from their platform and folks who want more sexual games are going to have to stick to PC.

SolidGamerX37d ago

So whats wrong with giving those parent tools to help them do just that. People getting outraged over this when it doesn't effect them is ridiculous.

sampsonon37d ago

so a dev makes a game featuring child porn and you guys are alright with that? sony should allow it on their system? interesting

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TomatoDragon37d ago

Sony UK actually agreed to meet with Yagyu, ( the creator of the anti-censorship petition) and talk about this issue. It's recently been put off until after the holidays...but Sony has taken notice.

Rachel_Alucard37d ago

They already told him these decisions arent made by them and its all on the American branch. They are trying to formulate a concession to the HQ branch to get them to back off, but they can't promise anything will go through with them.I think they don't like the policy either but they're forced to comply since the HQ is in the U.S. The whole thing comes off as reactionary.

SolidGamerX37d ago

Shows the community is quick to knee jerk reaction over any little thing that doesn't even effect them. Then again maybe you're a child that doesn't want your parents controlling what you play on your console, because that's what this was about in case you hadn't noticed.