New Video Game Releases for the Week of 12-16-18

EB: After a small delay, look for Atlas to release this Wednesday (Dec. 19th). Otherwise, Firewatch arrives on the Switch this week alongside Sundered: Eldritch Edition.

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TheSinsibleOne2046d ago

Any chance of this coming to consoles lol


Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Sea of Stars, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Gris, and Firewatch

Sometimes you want to explore wild environments while exploring mysteries, escaping flesh eating 8monsters, or even be the monster yourself.

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GotGame818343d ago

Been wanting to play Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Elda343d ago

I'll check out Texas Chainsaw & possibly Sea Of Stars.

Traecy343d ago

2 people downvoting you because you want to play SOS & TTCM is beyond stupid, lol.

Elda343d ago

The immature mentality & behavior of some folks here on N4G is not surprising. I pay it dust.

MEGANE343d ago

I don’t get it, this is why you can’t have a discussion in here, I get there is more PS5 fans here including my self but downvoting everything Xbox is counterproductive.

JeffGUNZ342d ago

If you never played firewatch, do yourself a favor and play it. It's not very long but it's a fantastic gaming experience.

Traecy343d ago

I'll see what TTCM is giving.

Ninver343d ago

Firewatch? It's been out since the birth of christ. Better late than never I guess.

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Six Best Short Games for Busy People

Are you too busy to play long video games? These six best short games for busy people won't take much time out of your schedule.

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Knushwood Butt580d ago

I loved A Short Hike, and want Firewatch.

Nacho_Z579d ago

Firewatch is one of my favourite games. It was ages ago that I played it but I still think about it, one of those that sticks with you.

robtion579d ago

What Remains of Edith Finch is brilliant. I would also add Inside to this list.


10 Underrated Metroidvania Games on PS4

There’s a lot to love about Metroidvania games, from the original Metroid and Castlevania entries to some of the subgenre’s more compelling entries on PS4 and other more recent systems. While there…

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VersusDMC669d ago

Love the newest Strider! Definitely underrated.

Love these lists as i now want to check out Momodora (on PS extra) and Ender Lillies.


It's a very solid list and the best part is that I think all of them are on other platforms so more people can play them.