Kingdom Hearts III Gets New Trailer; Epilogue Will Be Released “At a Later Time” to Avoid Spoilers

In order to caution players against spoilers, Kingdom Hearts III Director Tetsuya Nomura himself took to Twitter to deliver a message. The team is investigating how to improve the situation, but apparently, they have already taken pre-emptive steps.

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PhoenixUp850d ago

Wreck it Ralph in Kingdom Hearts
No Sora in Wreck it Ralph 2

I’m very saddened by this

Cobra951850d ago

"Ending Will Be Released with a Patch . . ."

So they're releasing a truly incomplete game. No possible doubt this time. Will they also issue new discs when the ending gets released? Otherwise, the whole game will never be available as a physical purchase.

PlayableGamez-850d ago

They are patching the ending so early birds won't spoil the game.

rainslacker849d ago

Seems silly since someone could just play without the patch to see the ending. Someone bent on spoiling won't be deterred by that.

FinalFantasyFanatic849d ago

Couldn't they do something to lock the game until the release date or a few days before? It'd be better if it was just an unlock patch.

blackblades849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

Somebody trying to start something, they did to avoid spoilers because of earlier release and there is no payment for the s.ending.

notachance849d ago

they probably just lock the ending so pre-launch leaked copies can't access it

V3geta849d ago

What else are they going to do ? they're in a no win situation as this and the ending getting leaked are both bad but they have to pick the lesser of the 2 evils.

Harkins1721849d ago

The ending is in the game. The secret movie and epilogue aren't currently being shown. Big difference

kowan849d ago

They never said that. Stop spreading lies. It's the secret ending and epilogue that will be released later, not the ending. The scenes after the credits roll; the after credits.

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AnnaDea850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

FF XV: We need 2 extra months to polishing the game because internet users can´t download a large patch.

KH III: We will release the ending via dlc!

smashman98850d ago

Theu wanted to avoid spoilers and Im glad they're doing it otherwise the secret ending be would've been floating around for over a month before release

AnnaDea849d ago

I have been avoiding spoilers since the dawn of nes. I´m a god damn magician Kappa

Harkins1721849d ago

And XV still came with a day 1 patch

PhantomS42849d ago

Also KH3: There are YouTubers spoiling the shit out of the game a month and a half early...

AnnaDea849d ago

Nobody forces you to watch them on youtube lol.

PhantomS42848d ago


Yeah because spoilers in thumbnails and titles have NEVER existed before...
Think you won the dumbest comment of the year just in the nick of time.

divinedragon117850d ago

With all these trailers I dont even need to play the game! #Thrifty

AspiringProGenji850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

I haven’t watched any. Hell I didn’t even know this game had a release date. I’m good :D

Muzikguy849d ago

I’ve been in blackout too. Really not hard to avoid information so as not to spoil games.

Harkins1721849d ago

40hr jrpg and you've seen less then 5%

isarai850d ago

So does that mean you cannot access the ending without updating it? If so thats just ridiculous.

smashman98850d ago

No not the actual ending, the epilogue and secret ending.

V3geta849d ago

It's either that or the ending getting leaked weeks in advance which is worse for a story that's been going on for so long.

isarai849d ago

I get that but what about people without internet, or good enough internet. Dont know about you but you only need to drive 10mins in any direction where i live and the only internet available is dial up. Working in a game store its literally close to half the people that come in dont have the internet to really do anything like this

V3geta849d ago


I fully agree that it's a bad thing to do but the alternative is the ending being spoiled, an ending people have been waiting for since the franchise was introduced back in 2003-4. If shops would stop leaking games and people who do get them stop spoiling them to be trolls this wouldn't happen.

FinalFantasyFanatic849d ago

I hope it's just an unlocking patch (the data is already on the disc, you just need to download a few kbs or mbs to unlock it).

smashman98849d ago

Those people still get to play the full game and see the ending. If they want the secret ending or the epilogue then theu can go somewhere with an internet connection and watch it on youtube. Its not ideal of course, im just saying its not like its impossible. As for people who have absolutely no access to Internet whatsoever, they are an increasingly small minority, getting smaller year after year. Its likely the games industry will cease catering to people without internet entirely in the next ten or so years.

Muzikguy849d ago

I don’t like this either. I get the protection, but some shmuck will take that as a “hey people want digital only because this idea right here works” and then run with that. It seems to be how many bad ideas come to fruition.

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