Nintendo’s Big Marvel Exclusive Win

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 was a surprise for any Nintendo fan tuning in to the Game Awards. Let's talk about this win for Nintendo.

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Azurite38d ago ShowReplies(3)
anonymousfan38d ago

Yess! I hope we'll get more games like this! :D Can't wait for the next Nintendo Direct... it feels like the last 2-3 Directs have been 99 % Smash Bros. lol (great game and all but... )

michellelynn097638d ago

I hope to finally see some of MP4 myself.

cha0sknightmare37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Ultimate Alliance was never really a big deal for me if i'm honest, and this doesn't really excite me... I mean it's cool Nintendo are getting it as an exclusive, but i'd much rather play Spiderman PS4, or on the DC side any of the Arkham games.