Kojima shooting with Norman Reedus, and another former Konami employee joins Kojima Productions

This week, a team from Kojima Productions flew to New York to shoot Death Stranding material with Norman Reedus. Among them was Aki Saito, a new member of Kojima Productions who worked with Kojima on various Metal Gear games during their time at Konami. Now he’s Head of Marketing & Communications at Kojima Productions.

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NarutoFox769d ago

Can't wait for this game. So mysterious and unique

Nyxus767d ago

Yeah, it looks very intriguing.

UltraNova767d ago

You are not alone my friend...

fr0sty767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

Welcome to the team, Saito-San. #f*ckkonami

Bleucrunch767d ago

Looking forward to spending money on a video game that we all know will be well developed and little to no bugs. Kojima will take his time and ensure the game runs great. GOTTA RESPECT the few devs today that do this.

capjacksparrow767d ago

Intrigued is definitely the word I'd use to describe how I feel. I loved MGS 1-4 and enjoy Kojima's rather convoluted plot lines, but I'm not quite "excited" for this one yet, as I'm not sure what's going on 🤔... The graphics are incredible though. I hope the game delivers on every aspect that Kojima is aiming for.

Batzi767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

Nyxus! I feel it's soon! You feel it too don't you?

Nyxus767d ago

It's a good sign they have hired a marketing and communications staffer. We may get some more info the coming future.

beulahland767d ago

"Kojima shooting with Norman Reedus"

Yeah. That's all he has been doing for years already.
Thanks. Now...the news?

get_real766d ago

True. Kojima is Sony's poster child who is getting paid to release a CGI/demo of a game that we are not sure even exists?