New Steam Beta Update hinting at possible Crossplay Network API with Xbox

credit to Madjoki
This showed up recently on the githup for the source of steam open source multiplayer matchmaking after the last beta update.

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xRacer74x35d ago

Makes sense when the PC community is part of the Xbox Eco system now.

ILostMyMind34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Steam users are not "part of Xbox Eco system".

Obscure_Observer34d ago


"Steam users are not "part of Xbox Eco system"

Make peace with your gods. 0:)

SwampthingsSon34d ago

You took part of Racer’s sentence and restructured it to fit your narrative. Racer didn’t say Steam users are part of Xbox Eco system. Racer said PC community are... which is true.

Razzer34d ago

"Racer didn’t say Steam users are part of Xbox Eco system. Racer said PC community are... which is true. " it isn't. Steam is a subset of the PC gaming community. So is GOG, Origin, etc. None of which are part of the Xbox eco. Xbox extends to Windows 10 via Play Anywhere only.

Neonridr34d ago

If they are playing on Windows they are. Whether they like it or not.

FinalFantasyFanatic34d ago

I hope Steam includes PS4 at some point, I want to play Monster Hunter World with one of my friends.

Razzer33d ago

"If they are playing on Windows they are. Whether they like it or not. "

Quite the opposite. Gaming on Windows is not a walled garden like it is on consoles. When I buy a game on Steam, GOG, Epic, etc. none of that money goes through Xbox and so those platforms are not part of the Xbox ecosystem. Only if buying Xbox Play Anywhere games through the Windows 10 Store.

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letsa_go34d ago

I don't think you even know what that means, you are just parroting what Microsoft says.

xRacer74x34d ago

a network or interconnected system.
Now Im going to just assume you can understand that. I know I am going out on a limb their with that assumption. I figured anyone over 13 could comprehend it.

richierich35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

So if this rumor turns out to be true can I play my steam compatible library on my Xbox One? is it like streaming do I need my PC powered on and the steam app open on my desktop? or can I play my steam games on Xbox One without needing my gaming PC powered on?

DragonbornZ35d ago

No this would be used for steam and xbox players being able to play together in games that support the feature.

The news here about Valve adding this in their Steam API would make it more intuitive and easier for developers to implement the feature for their games.

ILostMyMind34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

And maybe adding cross chat, friends list and invitation system. Just maybe.

Sophisticated_Chap34d ago

Cross chat, friends list and invite system would be killer if they could pull that off.

bolimekurac34d ago

actually hes right, crossplay is one feature, this new info would be another for streaming from steam

rainslacker34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This API would be used to connect steam connected games, using Steams connection services, or online features to games playing on the Xbox.

At least if its like the API that steam has for PlayStation. The actually API tends to be the same as the one released on the console maker Api's as they need to work together.

More interesting would be if this will bridge between both Xbox and ps to allow for cross play between all platforms. Sony's been doing some updates on those Api's lately as well, although no specifics have been made public yet.

@I lost

As of right now that isn't available with the steam api, but that might be because it's not supported on the consoles yet...hence why I questioned why people used the argument of playing with their friends to say why cross play was good.

Ciporta198034d ago

I don't get it. If crossplay is so important, so amazing and so in demand why isn't every single game crossplay with ps4 just left out? It makes no sense to me.

beulahland34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yeah, because you just need to say "CROSSPLAY!" three times for it to magically work.

I will start: CROSSPLAY!

Ciporta198034d ago

Well as it's happened by accident several times I'm pretty sure it's even easier than that.

ImGumbyDammit34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It has happened "accidentally" because it was something built-into those games already. E.G. Epic built in cross-play from the ground up and was blocked by Sony. Same with others. Turning it on is not just a simple switch on a developers end of this equation that somehow makes a game cross-play. It is much easier from the console makers end though. Each of those games had backend developed for that already. You just don't turn it on; a game requires a fairly well thought out structure of APIs to talk to each other and react to different systems needs.

Epic (like Valve and probably more extensive plans than Valve) is providing a whole slew of system resources they developed along with Fortnite that will be coming next year to ease this cross-play process for other game developers.

bolimekurac34d ago

crossplay crossplay, there you go , how about stream play

Purrfection34d ago

This doesn't have to do with the PS4. Some games on Steam don't allow cross-play even though they are sold on Steam. Halo Wars was one, not sure if it's been fixed yet. What's happening is Windows Store and Xbox One games are cross-play but not when sold on Steam. Microsoft hasn't been doing a very good job on the PC side of things and Windows Store needs a lot of work.

Ciporta198034d ago

But all I have read for the past 6-9 months is how Sony have been holding back crossplay and they are the devil so with that in mind read my post again.

rainslacker34d ago


This was always going to be along road. The "accidents" were enabled in game, as opposed through official Api's which is why they were always turns off before. That is actually a pretty big breach of compliance standards, as all network connectivity has to be made with official Api's.

Kind of technical to explain deeper, except to say those instances isn't going to be how it's implemented in the future should it be made more available. Both ms and Sony will require more stringent controls, which they provide through their apis.

Purrfection34d ago

rainslacker, Sony will continue to drag their feet with console crossplay. That is a given as they don't have any pressure to change course. Next gen they will be more accommodating but for now they will try and ignore as best as they can.

Ciporta1980, cross-play is still being gauged on its use but when you have the biggest company not wanting to engage it makes it tough to determine who would use it. That's because the Xbox and PlayStation are the most alike.

slavish034d ago

Killer instinct, spaceloards, rocket league etc.. Due Xbox steam crossplay. If you don't know why make stuffup? This article makes it even easier.

TekoIie33d ago


Still Salty about that L, huh?

Sony were a barrier and we're still not sure if they're 100% on board but they've made steps with Fortnite. Full crossplay among all major platforms is what they were effectively blocking. That was clear and no one said that if they reversed their policy we'd see instant progress on crossplay for all MP games.

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ILostMyMind34d ago

It's not as easy as some have said.

ILostMyMind34d ago

Good to know. I hope this is coming across all platforms.

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