Xbox One X Enhancements for Bulletstorm, Firewatch & RiME Cancelled

A few games are no longer set to be Xbox One X enhanced after their removal from the official tracking list.

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IamTylerDurden169d ago

Odd. Bulletstorm FC was a great addition to PS+ last month and it looks nice in 4K on Pro.

jobboy69d ago

ms preparing for next box launch....mark my words

IamTylerDurden169d ago

As is Sony, preparing for the PS5. Why is that relevant to these games not receiving X enhancements?

jobboy69d ago

Ms start skipping 1x enhancements... Next gen shadow is slowly overcasting current gen and thats some first receipts

shaggy230369d ago

I love all the fanboy comments blaming Microsoft.

Considering these three games where neither developed or published by Microsoft, how can people blame Microsoft?

Darkwatchman69d ago

Right. That’s why they’d go through the trouble of their engineering BC team enhancing the FF13 trilogy, an incredibly divisive set of games within the FF community.

gamer780469d ago

really enjoying the updates to the FF13 series, far better than FFXV imo, you are better off playing the BC FF13 games and World of Final Fantasy Maxima, than FFXV.

instantstupor68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

What has become abundantly clear to me over the years is people on sites like this, we're the minority. We can all mostly agree with one another and have, what we believe, to be a solid grasp of what the "gaming community" thinks about certain games or franchises.

But then you look at the ratings for games that you know are widely detested, highly controversial, have issues...and then you look at the user scores on places like the Xbox or PlayStation stores, or even more casual retailers like BestBuy and you see...mostly good reviews. The true average gamer - the ones who don't spend time searching out gaming info or looking to news aggregation sites? Their opinions differ greatly from ours.

It is truly interesting to see, and sort of shows why games take certain paths that seem counterintuitive to us. That seem damaging to us. Most companies know their entire player base better than we do, and while we, the knowledgable and vocal, are indeed important...wider trends for wider audiences certainly tend to prevail more than I think we believe it does.

Baza69d ago

Developers are moving on. Xbox X shine is fading away.

WickedLester69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Agreed. A completely overpriced, unnecessary stop gap system.

King_Noctis69d ago


If that so then what do you think of the PS4 Pro?

EmperorDalek69d ago

Yes, a few irrelevant games aren't getting upgraded. Xbox is dying confirmed.

Seriously, Bulletstorm is the biggest joke of a remaster this gen. Literally no one was asking for it, and it shows now that it's already been on PS+.

Razzer69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

"If that so then what do you think of the PS4 Pro? "

I think PS4 Pro has enhancements for all these games.

Jus sayin

WickedLester69d ago


Well to be honest, I don't think either was really necessary. But at least the Pro was 100.00 cheaper and has been on the market a year longer. If both PS5 and X2 come in 2020, that means the X1X will have only been out for 3 years as opposed to 4 years for the PS4 Pro. By time on the market alone. Its more stop gap than the Pro.

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Segata69d ago

Every console maker prepares for the next one as soon as a system is launched. They start the idea process.

Wulfer68d ago

The PS4 Pro was louder didn't appear next-gen and it didn't even include 4K Blu-ray. No if any system wasn't needed it was the PS4 Pro. The thing should have been sent back for a redesign.

bluefox75569d ago

Yeah, I remember they supposedly cut support for 360 for the same reason. A shame that "preparation" didn't change much.

rdgneoz369d ago

So basically how 360 had sh!t for support at the end of the gen in comparison to ps3 which saw support and some great games still come out, is what you're saying.

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cellfluid69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

What kinda bullshit is this?? Microsoft pulling enhancements off like games off of game pass lolol

Ausbo69d ago

Hey there smarty pants. Microsoft doesn’t enhance the games they don’t make.

Rude-ro69d ago

😂 well, when you do not make many, what else is the x suppose to enhance? 😂
Too funny

Skankinruby69d ago

You know that information only makes the X look even less relevant right?

EmperorDalek69d ago

Skank, you know there's many hundreds of games enhanced, right? Nearly every new release is enhanced. If that's irrelevant, what do you think of the Pro after making a mess of Red Dead 2?

ZeroX987669d ago

enhancements are being released by devs, not MS directly, unless it's one of their own studios.
Those devs probably came to the conclusion that making effort to enhance those games wouldn't boost sales. Their decision to enhance a game or not is most definitely based on the sales numbers on each platforms.

mrmikew201869d ago

That’s very odd, I guess they’re saving their resources?

ZeroX987669d ago

Those devs probably are. Decision must have been made based on Xbox One sales numbers of those titles.

Razzer69d ago

It doesn't make sense financially for the devs. Not for Xbox One X.

Gwiz69d ago

That was bound to happen,some games never even got X support like Watchdogs 2 (1 example)
Probably because Ubisoft didn't bother with it.The real shame is Deus Ex Mankind Divided never getting
that enhanced version for the X,it didn't sell well (not to expectations).

I'm definitely not jumping onto the new generation and stick with PC gaming for a while to see who has an advantage and then buy a system after 2 years.

King_Noctis69d ago

Me too. Although I’m currently leaning toward the PS5 because almost all Xbox games can be played on PC anyway.

instantstupor68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

This is the correct assessment. (NOT saying that is the only objectively correct way to go, just that if you are a PC gamer that there isn't any reason to get an Xbox now). And I've gone into detail before, but Spencer lied pretty heavily about things in the early-mid days of XBO; about hardware exclusives being important, or certain games not coming out on PC because they were too late in development, or they wouldn't launch day and date...all those things ended up coming to pass, and bottom line for me was I bought a console I simply didn't need. It has made me wary of their promises.

Oh well, water (and a few hundred bucks) under the bridge. At least they are clear with their messaging now, and I know now that they are planning every console game to come to PC from the get go. I'm all about that, since it does save me having to buy their hardware next gen. And I do appreciate that, since I'll get to spend that money on games instead, and I seem to have less qualms than others in regards to buying off the Windows Store.

I just hope that they start being better about their Game Pass content launching day/date with their console counterparts as well. I'd like to play Ashen and Below, so I may fire up my OG XBO to do so, but they are supposed to be Play Anywhere titles, so I was disappointed to see them seemingly drop that support. Hopefully all this stuff is ironed out by next gen.

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