Take A Look At Resistance 2's Co-Op Play

"Seriously, guys, I'll play a medic. But we need one more or we're toast," was about what I recall hearing. Heed those words. Without a decent spread of classes in co-op mode (you can choose from medic, frontline soldier, and special ops) you're dog food.

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fufotrufo5454d ago


Baba19065454d ago

the big ones dont move becouse they dont have to move:D the small once do move. and they have shield to deffend themselfs.

PS360PCROCKS5454d ago

this is COD2 right? j/k j/k I'm sorry I hated the first one, I thought it sucked. Feel free to disagree, I know you all will. Anyways I just don't see why people say Halo 3 graphically sucks and pretend this looks even REMOTELY better in any facet. The mind of a fanboy i guess...

Deviant5454d ago

did u even play>>>>>>&g t; the beta <<<<<<<

PS360PCROCKS5454d ago

No, why would I? I completely hated the first one. Maybe Gears spoiled me, I dunna. I just wasn't a fan, still not, not sure what people like about it.

Baba19065454d ago

well its not like everyone has the same taste.but the first one was pretty fun and i am not a big fps and the R2 beta was really cool. i think people like it Resistance becouse of the gameplay off and online and not so much becouse of the grafics. but it had a great atmosphere.

360 man5454d ago

i dont know

im just not sure about this game

dj_funky5454d ago

are you sure you're sure? because i'm not so sure about your username.

GrandTheftZamboni5453d ago

Where (or when) did they get this video? I've seen gameplay videos like 2 months ago that looked much better!?


Ranking the Resistance Games From Worst To Best

While it's been on ice for as long as it was around, the Resistance franchise has no shortage of quality.

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Knushwood Butt520d ago

My take:

Single player
3, 2, 1

3, 1, 2

3, 2, 1

I beat the lengthy single player in 1 multiple times and spent hours in the online too. Plus 1 featured my home town! Special mention to the audio design in 1: playing that with surround headphones blew me away.

Note: I have the platinum for Resistance 2.

Eidolon518d ago

Resistance 1 MP will always be my favorite. Call it nostalgia or whatever, but that was my jam, felt more balance, natural.

Miraak82 518d ago

i have the platinium too , 10k kills in online ranked matches was no joke . Took me 3-4 months straight grinding but it was fun . To put it in perspective you only got like 25 kills per match if you were 1st place every match that's at Least 400 matches in 1st

Sciurus_vulgaris520d ago

I only played the 3 main Resistance titles. My ranking would be;
1. Resistance 3
2. Resistance: Fall of Man
3. Resistance 2

GoodGuy09520d ago

Man I loved 3's campaign. Another gem stuck on the ps3 and who knows if insomniac will go back to the franchise.

fr0sty519d ago

Resistance, Warhawk, MAG, Motorstorm, there's so many first party gems on PS3 that Sony has just left to die...

P_Bomb519d ago

Never played Burning Skies but I still have Retribution.

monkey602519d ago

Burning Skies was about 3 hours long and rather inconsequential. You haven't missed anything

porkChop519d ago

Honestly, Burning Skies was shit. There's no two ways about it. At first I thought it looked terrible, then I second guessed myself. Big mistake.

darthv72518d ago

Retribution has this really cool feature where you could use a PS3 to link a controller to it and play. So if you had a 2000 or 3000 hooked to a tv, you can use a real controller. All of this predates the PSP Go's ability to sync a sixaxis to it via bluetooth.

Yui_Suzumiya519d ago

Resistance 3 was shocking and brilliant. Loved it.