Take A Look At Resistance 2's Co-Op Play

"Seriously, guys, I'll play a medic. But we need one more or we're toast," was about what I recall hearing. Heed those words. Without a decent spread of classes in co-op mode (you can choose from medic, frontline soldier, and special ops) you're dog food.

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fufotrufo4622d ago


Baba19064622d ago

the big ones dont move becouse they dont have to move:D the small once do move. and they have shield to deffend themselfs.

PS360PCROCKS4622d ago

this is COD2 right? j/k j/k I'm sorry I hated the first one, I thought it sucked. Feel free to disagree, I know you all will. Anyways I just don't see why people say Halo 3 graphically sucks and pretend this looks even REMOTELY better in any facet. The mind of a fanboy i guess...

Deviant4622d ago

did u even play>>>>>>&g t; the beta <<<<<<<

PS360PCROCKS4622d ago

No, why would I? I completely hated the first one. Maybe Gears spoiled me, I dunna. I just wasn't a fan, still not, not sure what people like about it.

Baba19064622d ago

well its not like everyone has the same taste.but the first one was pretty fun and i am not a big fps and the R2 beta was really cool. i think people like it Resistance becouse of the gameplay off and online and not so much becouse of the grafics. but it had a great atmosphere.

360 man4622d ago

i dont know

im just not sure about this game

dj_funky4622d ago

are you sure you're sure? because i'm not so sure about your username.

GrandTheftZamboni4621d ago

Where (or when) did they get this video? I've seen gameplay videos like 2 months ago that looked much better!?