Borderlands 2: VR Gameplay

Skewed and Reviewed have posted footage of Borderlands 2 VR in action. They said the movement and combat take some learning but it looks great and is a lot of fun.

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JoshFullSyncGaming1011d ago

Would have much preferred them to have done VR for the first Borderlands game. I've enjoyed each one, but for me, nothing so far beats the first installment.

81BX1011d ago

Liked 2 better, however borderlands VR isnt impressive

Ricegum1011d ago

Of course it's not impressive to you, it's only on PS4 and you don't like PS4 users having things.

Game looks great.

81BX1011d ago

You're a rock. Only you and the xbox trolls are fighting your fake war. The rest of us play games that we find fun. Regardless of the console. For instance the best new ip of this gen to me is until dawn. I dont recall playing that on anything but ps4.

Dragonscale1010d ago

Strange, most reviews say its actually great tbh.

JoshFullSyncGaming1010d ago

I think I just miss the Eridian weapons mostly, well more the chase to beat members of your team to the chests. I think removing them just removed something from the game for me. Not tested Borderlands VR myself yet so can't comment.

81BX1010d ago

Lol, I'm sure it is. It's just my personal opinion. For example, I really enjoyed the last 2 MOH and a lot of people thought they sucked lol. It's all about preference. I can nail this down to 2 things for me. I think borderlands 2 is an excellent game but like skyrim its played out. It's like listening to a really good song 500 times. The second thing that really bothers me about the vr version is floating hands. I would rather have full arms than 2 cut off floating hands. This is just my opinion though.

Shadonic1010d ago

the ps4 version or the pc version ?

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Garethvk1011d ago

That would be ideal. It is hard to play as what you saw in the video was about all I could take. I do not get motion sickness and such; but it does put a strain on you with all of the movement.

BrettAwesome1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Yeah. Having to move your limbs is a real bitch. Just like breathing and eating. So annoying

Garethvk1010d ago

You do not have to move your limbs. Have you actually played it or just making comments for the sake of making comments? They game even tells you at the start to take breaks as it knows the motions is overwhelming the more you play. You have a screen inches from your eyes and are making fast moves in a 360 setting. It does cause strain more so than any other VR game I have played and that is quite a few.

Casepb1011d ago

I found the second game more fun to solo, while the first is such a bore solo.

Garethvk1011d ago

That is a great point. I did wish I had someone playing with me as it would be fun to have a team going.

JoshFullSyncGaming1010d ago

Yeah, Borderlands is definitely a game that needs to be played coop. Had so much fun taking whole days out with friends to do nothing but sit there and trying to get to the Vault in BL1. Wish BL3 would hurry up.

CyrusLemont1011d ago

Hope this is the last milking before BL3. Even thinking about BL3, can’t imagine how many rereleases, DLC and variations we’re going to get over the next decade.

Garethvk1011d ago

My P.R. rep earlier in the year said he had been busy with work for the next Borderlands game. Then when we did not get anything at E3 or the upcoming shows and this was announced; I was worried that this is what he was talking about. Then we had rumors that B3 was being announced at the awards show and it was not. So hopefully soon.