How Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Ended Up on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo says working with Koei Tecmo on the Warriors games led to the deal for Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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Gemmol858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Game looks good i find cel shade suit marvel.franchise better over realistic

People who say first two game look better forgot what they look like put a side to side and switch version look 10 times better

I personally think the hate come from it not being on their system

michellelynn0976858d ago

Pretty much. The game is gonna be awesome and I can't wait.

Nik858d ago

That's not cel shading, but I agree that the artstyle does look good for this game.

Nintendo publishing the game... Now imagine Smash X Marvel.

EddieNX 858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

When this game launches a marvel character dlc for smash Bros will be announced. When Joker releases, persona 5 for switch will be announced and when Travis strikes again releases , Travis touch down will be announced. Mind blown.

I'll buy this game in a heartbeat!

PhoenixUp858d ago

I still don’t get how Nintendo got a hold of a Marvel license and why it had to be a sequel to MUA rather than an entirely original Marvel property like Square Enix is doing with Avengers

King_Noctis858d ago

The article is a good read, and it give a good reason for that.

857d ago
Retroman858d ago

It made it to Switch to pump up sales!!!
That is all.........beep.

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