Is Sony the Company That Saved VR

The prospects of VR were touch and go for a bit, but the future is looking good. Does Sony deserve most the credit?

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ThinkThink67d ago

With Oculus canceling its next VR set, Sony will have the space mostly to itself.

NarutoFox65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It's true that the co-founder left but the Oculus rift 2 will still continue by his current team

"While Facebook did not deny our report that the “Rift 2” being developed under Iribe’s PC VR team had been canceled, the company reiterated to us in a comment that they are continuing to invest in PC.

“While we can’t comment on our product roadmap specifics, we do have future plans, and can confirm that we are planning for a future version of Rift,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Eonjay65d ago

Microsoft wanted it to fail because it wasn't coming to Xbox One. They went out of their way to explain why it wasn't coming by saying that VR wasn't ready but in reality it was only Xbox that wasn't ready. But I totally expect them to support it next gen.

Gunstar7565d ago

@enjoy... Lol.... stop thinking MS is at your base FB level. They have been tinkering with VR for decades. They just don't think it is where it needs to be for mass market penetration

Kribwalker65d ago


and they were right to wait. VR is still not a mass market product. there’s only a 4% adoption rate right now for PSVR. for it to be considered mainstream you need a much higher adoption rate then that.

Hell the kinect on the 360 had an over 25% adoption rate (sold well over 20 million on the 360) and had some pretty good games too, yet look where it is now.

xX-oldboy-Xx65d ago

Gunstar and Krib - But Kinect was? Shows how forward thinking and dishonest MS are. Kinect never worked as advertised, at least PSVR is a good piece of kit.

Dragonscale65d ago

Thats right krib, let everyone else take the risk first before bandwagon jumping. Typical microsoft.

beulahland65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

This guy @Eonjay on a daily basis:

Article: "Birds fly, they are super cool"
Eonjay comment: "Microsoft didn't want birds to fly, but Sony made them fly, so Microsoft failed."

Article: "Prostate cancer decreases, people living longer"
Eonjay comment: "Microsoft wanted people to get cancer and die, but people didn't get it, Microsoft failed"


beulahland65d ago

@ThinkThink as @Dom_Estos said, you are completely misinformed. Oculus cancelled ONE hardware project, they didn't cancel their entire VR effort, so, no, Sony will not have the space mostly to itself. Sorry, dude.

Like a very famous person says: "You are fake news".

Babadook764d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Yes. Thank God for psvr. A great product that has helped cement vr as a viable category for the next few years until it may become mainstream if Nintendo or Microsoft jump on the bandwagon. As of today i am happy that we have the tech in pc and console formats with many games to play coming monthly. A great time to be a gamer imho.

ABizzel164d ago

I don't think they saved VR, but they are definitely keeping it afloat.

VR experiences can be good, but the lack of overall quality software hurts the experience. The entry cost for quality VR hurts the experience (besides PSVR at just $199, sometimes $149). And the current setup for VR hurts the experience.

The software has an issue simple because there aren't enough developers supporting it, and also because developers haven't perfected controls and movement yet. The low cost VR headsets don't offer an experience that is quality enough (Gear VR or less), and the high cost VR headsets are simply too high for consumers, Sony is dead in the middle, of being ust affordable enough ($100) and just quality enough to get a purchase for an early adopter, but the overall lVR experience while neat once you have it, isn't 100% there due to software and other minor issues. Finally the 1st gen hardware for VR isn't quite where it needs to be, it's good and acceptable, but it's not perfect, and when introducing something new like this to the masses it has to be perfect. The headset needs a smaller and less intimidating form factor, less cable management, built in audio, a 4K screen for less pixelization, and a way to open the headset door so you're not so cut off from the real world / AR gaming.

I think VR has a much better future ahead of it for the PS5, which will be more than powerful enough to run the headset without additional hardware, powerful enough to run significantly more demanding VR experiences, and port every quality first person PS360 game to 4K @ +60fps for a potential VR experience. That will fix the hardware, quality, and software experiences.

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Dom_Estos65d ago

As I said before, misinformed.

Oculus has not cancelled it's next headset. They also have Oculus Go and the soon to be released Quest, which looks fantastic.

NewUser10164d ago

Who in the hell upvoted this? It's like you and the upvoted don't know about Valve, HTC, Windows MR, PiMax, Oculus' OTHER headsets along with it's NEXT PC VR HEADSET...I mean...Christ...

Babadook764d ago

He didn’t say that though. He said “mostly to itself”. So without one of the biggest pc options in the race I would have to agree.

NewUser10164d ago


"Mostly"....MOSTLY. will not have the VR market MOSTLY to itself. Mostly implies that it will have MOST of the VR users.

Babadook764d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It’s already had most of the users since it launched. Estimated to be 50% of the whole vr market after a month or two.

And again after a year we get this estimate.

“Sony accounted for nearly half of sales, shifting 490,000 units. Oculus lagged behind at 210,000 units, while HTC sold 160,000. Collectively the big three made up for 86% of the total Q3 2017.”

If pc would lose oculus’ platform it would absolutely have the market mostly to itself.

fr0sty64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

@newuser, Sony already has most of the non-mobile VR market to themselves. The numbers don't lie. I'd expect the next PSVR to have some sort of basic processing capabilities in the headset that might allow you to continue playing your games away from the console, just at a lower quality. Basically a stand alone kit that is made more powerful when you pair it up with a PS5. Kinda like what the others are trying, but with real games and people actually playing them. There's a reason the others are starting to go belly up... You can't just make the experience without the content (not to say there aren't great games out there, but without the might of Sony behind the development, many are held back to being low budget mini-games.). There just isn't enough install base for developers to take big risks, whereas Sony can afford to take some of those risks themselves to spur development They have the industry's best exclusive game library behind it, so it is an uphill battle for the others just starting from that point.

Once Nintendo goes (real, not that monochrome pseudo-3d garbage) VR, that's when you will really start to see the race heat up.

NewUser10164d ago


Quarter 3's now the end of Q4 2018 with the release of WMR headsets along with others outside HTC and VIVE so I don't think your numbers mean much.

Babadook762d ago

@above. No. Adding more small time entries to fight over the pc market share does not take away from psvr’s huge share. Maybe they take a few units from vive. They aren’t selling much though.

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Kumakai64d ago

Except for google, Samsung, htc and a whole slew for windows

Orionsangel64d ago

VR is doomed like 3DTV & Motion Control. They wanna be innovative and change the course of history but we all go back to what we know and love. Who knows why this happens? Maybe they're fads or maybe they're too ahead of their time?

NewUser10164d ago

"we all go back to what we know and love"

You very OBVIOUSLY don't know VR then. Why do people like you talk about things you have no clue about? Why do people like you NEEEEEEEDDDDDDD VR to FAIL as if it affects you at fucking all? Not only are you people dead wrong but all of you look so creepy and desperate and pathetic.

demonicale64d ago

Oculus quest will have that space.

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twolitersoda67d ago

VR will never be saved, its not mainstream tech and companies need to stop trying to push it on consumers.

isarai66d ago

I honestly think it's right on the verge of crossing that line, it just needs to become cheap enough, if they can get a $200 unit with a wireless headset it's gonna explode

Purrfection64d ago

They hit the sweet spot now with PSVR and the new price but it's not wireless.

uth1164d ago

it is cheap enough now, i think the fact that it's a tethered peripheral holds it back. it will be interesting to see how standalone VR like the quest does

NeoGamer23264d ago

Let's put it this way, if VR was $100 and Sony made it mandatory bundling (Lifting the price tag of PS $100) with every console would Sony enjoy mega sales like it has this generation for its console/VR bundle?

Bundling VR with the PS console would significantly decrease their console sales. That is why they haven't made it mandatory, they know it doesn't enjoy widespread success yet.

Angelin64d ago

Just bought PSVR under 200$ on friday (camera and move controllers not included). Got motion sickness after playing RIGS for 30 min though 😞

Babadook764d ago

Rigs is the last thing you should play. It’s great but tough on the eyes.

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shinoff218366d ago

Its pretty cool and fun though. Why does it bother you if companies want to do this or not. If you dont like it dont buy it. I personally enjoy it. Im sure theres more but skyrim on ps4 was cool as hell in vr.

Hardiman65d ago

I can't understand why some are sooooo adamant about VR failing especially PSVR! I mean I get why but it's foolish because more options is always a great thing to me!

beulahland65d ago

@S2Killinit @sampsonon * don't even own a VR device, but types Firewall Zero Hour and smiles *

S2Killinit64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Excuse me? Why would you say i dont have a PSVR? I have had one for years now. Why would you lie like that? Want me to send you a picture of it? I even bought one for my Gf’s brother for this christmas. Very shady comment by you.

UnholyLight64d ago

I don't get why some people wanna push it off. We are finally in an era where this is realy feasible and the next gen hardware is going to start allowing for some great VR experiences I truly believe VR is here to stay this time and Sony was a large part of reviving and bringing VR back to people's minds.

uth1164d ago

@Hardiman, @Unholy
it's fear I think. either fear of change, fear of it becoming standard gaming when they don't want it or they are juat fanboys for a console that doesn't have VR yet

JohnEMcGahan64d ago

Firewall? Nice idea! try it

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AspiringProGenji65d ago

who cares if it's not for casuals? lots of people are still enjoying it and VR i in a good place.

RpgSama64d ago

Actually thank God is not for casuals, that mean it actually has a chance to keep growing and getting mainstream because it's a hardcore product, casuals move to the next thing, look how Kinect died

crazyCoconuts65d ago

Can you give an example of how companies are trying to push VR on consumers? You mean they need to stop putting out ads?

NarutoFox65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I'm starting to see them in Hospitals and the medical Field 🤔

Atticus_finch65d ago

So far it's mainly Sony with its VR and they are far from "trying to push it"
Recognize that you don't appreciate the tech and misunderstand how popular it eventually will be.

UCForce65d ago

But Sony didn’t push it. They kept their expectations their PSVR at launch and it succeeded just as they expected.

rainslacker65d ago

Who's pushing it beyond the niche market right now? Maybe Google with their mobile offerings, but otherwise i we absolutely no forced pushing.

sampsonon65d ago

you need to try games like Astro Bot and especially Firewall Zero Hour.

i am a believer now. the game is amazing and i can play it for hrs without any motion sickness.

S2Killinit65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Dude, Firewall: Zero Hour says hello.

T2X65d ago

People said the same thing about computers and look where we are today. Once the price goes down a bit and the wires go away, you'll see a much bigger jump.

derek65d ago

I love vr it has saved gaming for me. It's the first game related innovation in a long time that has offered me a generational leap in immersion I cant get without it. Vr has made some standard gaming experiences like racing and platforming infinitely better for me and I'm excited to see what else it will deliver.

S2Killinit64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

This. Im very hyped to see what PS5 and PSVR2 can do. Probably the most exciting thing about new hardware for me is VR. Better graphics are great but VR has so much potential. If we have games like Firewall now, just imagine whats possible with PS5.

88364d ago (Edited 64d ago )

derek said it right for me. I do want more software, but for me the change that VR brings well exceed most of the differences we hope for when generational leaps occur. I'll qualify this and say that I **do not** want to replace traditional gaming and I recognized that if not done right, motion sickness can be an intense side effect. But, for me *almost* any game can benefit when done well with VR... More specifically, who wouldn't want to feel like the world of Uncharted, Persona, Halo, Witcher, or whatever you like etc. is REAL and instead of looking at a flat screen one is literally peering into an actual world? What is undesirable about making the game world feel like it is right in front of you? Granted, to run the visuals of the aforementioned games in VR, we are not there yet. However, the difference of feeling like I am looking into (or am in) the world of the game is incredible. Why wouldn't a gamer wish to feel like he/she is actually looking into the game world? It doesn't even have to be first person. VR changes the entire experience and makes gaming capable of delivering what I have generally wanted my games to do but that wasn't possible in the same way before. Again, to feel like I am looking into the game world... It's what I always wanted to feel like and that experience is finally available and should only improve. It is such a different experience in a tremendous way. I just need more *complete* games and wish the developers didn't feel like so many of them HAVE TO be first person "presence" type (though it can be truly spectacular too). Give me more games like the LucasArts Monkey Island titles, more like Astrobot, and yes, Firewall. Or, like I said, give me any number of other non-VR games but with the feeling that I am looking into the game world (my TV cannot do this the same way and NO, it is NOT the same as "3D gaming" on a 3D TV). Bottom line: VR is saving gaming for many of us who have played the right games.

S2Killinit64d ago

I know exactely what you mean. Its a whole different ball game. The possibilities actually make me excited for gaming again. Its like the leap from 2D to 3D.

warriorcase64d ago

Yes, let's stop trying to innovate with new ideas and possibilities for the game and movie platform. Staying right where we are and never moving technology forward is what we should be doing. /s

IamTylerDurden164d ago

Hate to break it to you but next gen VR will only get bigger. Sony, FB, HTC, Samsung, Google, Valve. There is a reason why so many huge companies are jumping in, and Microsoft will as well. VR is real tech that works. It isn't a gimmick, it simply adds immersion and elevates the experience.

nighthawk372964d ago


Hi, saw your response in a PSVR post about getting motion sick. I can't figure out how to do responses correctly, it doesn't show up directly connected, figured I would give it a try.

Anyway, I've been using PSVR for about 8 month now, I'm still meaning to get back to RIGS, but I did get a bit motion sick myself. I've heard a lot of people refer to it as getting your, "VR legs". I'm still working my way up to Sprint Vector, but I can recommend a few games that might be a bit easier on you.

Super hot is really good, time only moves when you move.
Statik has you sitting in a seat
Tumble VR is a personal favorite of mine, it's just stacking blocks with a heckling AI.
Raw Data for some reason didn't effect me as much.
GNOG, a puzzle game
Accounting Plus, adult humor
Sparc, handball

Some games that have gotten me a bit motion sick lately include:

Rush of Blood
It really is hit or miss with some games, several that I really wanted to get into. Having something like a fan running in front of you can help keep you grounded in the real world, helps keep your orientation.

Also, if you go into the settings, you can actually change the distance between your eyes, the camera takes 2 pictures to do this.

I hope some of this helps, I got really discouraged with a lot of VR stuff, but there's some good fun to be had in there. I just picked up Battlezone and Neon Wall this past sale. When I tried out the demo for it originally months ago, I had to stop playing once I looked up, it's a lot better now.

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UCForce65d ago

Yes, it did something that others VR competitors have to learn from it.

Legatus65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Of course it's not for you when it's Sony in question, but if it was MS then it would be a completely different comment.

BehindTheRows65d ago


OT: Don't think VR really needed saving, but I'd say that Sony has seemingly pushed it the hardest!

maybelovehate64d ago

MS has nothing to do with VR, so I have no idea what you are talking about. But if you are that insecure about Sony... lol

sampsonon65d ago


it sold over 3 millions units in a couple of years. it also has Firewall zero Hour. best vr game I've played.

Loktai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Every frickin month its a NEW " best VR game ever played"
That is AMAZING. .. to see even VR fans constantly RE-WON-OVER by new games means that the format is growing and improving every quarter.

Kribwalker65d ago

kinect sold over 24 million on the 360 alone (more then 25% attach rate) and where is it now?

3 million units with a player base of 85+ is not a great attach rate yet

CaptainOmega65d ago


Kinnect also had poor games and was more or less a gimmick. The thing was also bundled with Xbox One at launch.

xX-oldboy-Xx65d ago

Loktai - that's because the tech is new, the old way of making games usually translate to a fun experience in VR.

All media evolves.

Krib - you probably own Kinect and its successor (I feel sorry for you) and you know it never worked as promised.

Most of the on stage demos were faked

Segata65d ago

3 million in 2 years is good for gaming hardware now?

Kribwalker65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


the sales on kinect were over 24 million on the 360 alone, not including the xbox one. And it’s considered a failure. Yet 3 million to an install base of 85+ is considered a successful product?

the goal post movement here is insane


i do have both, and like the PSVR there’s a lot of tech demos on there being sold as full price games, there’s a lot of crappy games littering it, and there are a handful that actually are good games and leave you wondering why others can’t get it right too. The Dance Central games all worked as advertised. Xbox fitness on the xbox one was great too. Child of eden was great, kinect sports, and others were good, but then you have fighters evolved and kinect star wars.

Just like VR.

CaptainOmega65d ago

I mean, What is more of a failure, a peripherial that was systematically wiped from the face of the earth, or a system that people are actually enjoying?

UCForce64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

@Kribwalker Let me tell you this. Kinect was overhyped production that caused MS reputation negatively despite how many Kinect have sold and they stopped doing it. Sony didn’t do this. Back in 2016, Sony expected the PSVR to be sold about a hundred thousand units and it did well for them. The feedback on PSVR is way more positive. Like I said, step away your logical scene for once and think optimism.

IamTylerDurden164d ago (Edited 64d ago )


Kinect was bs tech pushed on people by MS. VR is real tech that works as advertised. PSVR already has a vastly superior library to Kinect in a fraction of the time. You shouldn't brag about the fact that MS tricked 24 million people into buying bad tech that was hardly supported. Bravo, MS has a history of spinning bad tech into decent sales based on fraudulent marketing and a base of naive people willing to believe it.

Sony has supported the hell out of PSVR and to compare the software and their applications to that of Kinect is way off. PSVR has good games releasing every month. I'll go list for list with you. You need to stop the bs narrative that VR only offers tech demos. Right now PSVR is producing consistent quality and at times great games.

Look at 2018 alone

Astro Bot
Tetris Effect
The Persistence
Zone of the Enders
Borderlands 2