Game Boyz: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

Game Boyz writes: "On a fateful day in November 2001 I made the conscious decision to support Microsoft and their fledgling new console, the Xbox. And from that day on, I sat there in my MS fanboy underwear chanting "go MS, go!!" When SOCOM (short for United States Special Operations Command) first premiered on the PS2 in August of 2002 it brought a new type of third person shooter to the scene. It was a tactical team based experience that was definitely not run and gun. It was also the first game on PS2 to utilize the internet adapter and allowed team speech thru a USB headset too. The SOCOM series found a home on the PS2 releasing up to three other versions on Sony's console. As I woefully watched Playstation owners playing SOCOM, I wondered how good it really would be to be to play that game."

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