Half of All Switch Owners Bought Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario Odyssey

Half of all Switch owners bought Nintendo’s three biggest games, which has “never happened in U.S. video game history.”

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DarXyde40d ago

Solid attach rate.

Nintendo is pretty remarkable with that.

mcstorm40d ago

I agree even though the wiiu did not sell that well the attachment rate for alot of the ips were amazing.

This is one thing Nintendo have over Sony and Microsoft is games like Mario, Mario kart and smash bros always have a high attachment rate.

Nyxus40d ago

Crazy attach rate, I own two of those games myself (also Mario Kart 8, but for Wii U).

Pennywise13840d ago

What’s funny to me is that it actually seems like a low number even though I know that in reality it’s very. Just seems if your going to own a switch at all it would be for those 3 games right there and of course smash bros.

jaymacx40d ago

In a perfect world yeah, but realistically not everyone likes those games. What may seem like a no brainer to most of us , in actuality there may be an jrpg guy and got Xenoblade chronicles 2 . That’s why it’s important to have a diverse lineup.

DarXyde39d ago

Not even Call of Duty has this high of an attach rate. Conceptualize it this way: for every Switch owner that you meet, at least one of them has Super Mario Odyssey. That's pretty substantial, if you ask me.

Cobra95139d ago

That's half the userbase buying all 3, which means that individually, the games sold to a great many more than that. (E.g., someone I know bought Zelda, but not Mario Kart.) I'd like to know what the percentage would be without including Mario Kart.

tagzskie40d ago

Even if its not zelda or mario, it would sell huge numbers because its great game, though we all agree that name alone help to sell half of the switch numbers. The only thing i didn't buy in those 3 is mario kart since i dont like racing.

notachance40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

well.. because it's a must have for Switch owner?

Switch isn't exactly similar to PS4/XB1 which has overwhelming "mainstream" crowd who only buy CoD/Sport games and almost nothing else.. also the first-party studios are kinda the sole star of the platform which barely has AAA third-party support unlike the other two console.

I bought switch because I want to play 'nintendo games', not 'games' as general.. that's why it's the king of second place no? because whatever you choose between PS4/XB1 as your main console, Switch is almost always the second one you buy for them 'nintendo games', which in turn makes its first-party has very high attach rate.

That's not to say the games aren't good though, in fact they're all amazing.

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