Eurogamer: Fallout 3 Review

Eurogamer writes: "Fallout 3 is such an embarrassment of riches, it's hard to know where to begin. The news is definitely good though, because whichever way you stack it up it qualifies as a landmark game. Like BioShock and Oblivion, unpicking its merits is something of a Gordian knot. But that is, of course, precisely its charm.

The bedrock, as you would hope, is the game's immensely well-realised and beautiful openworld. Arty, varied and epic, it's crafted with attention to detail, housing secrets, lies, hopeless ambition and revenge. The Capital Wasteland has a palpable sense of place, where even the more obscure backwaters hide pleasing diversions, intriguing characters and curious sub-plots."

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FBl4273d ago

Sounds like it's best played on Ps3

read disc error4273d ago

with the exception that there is some major exclusive DLC for the 360 version.

PirateThom4273d ago

Will this be like the GTAIV exclusive downloadable content?

Well, you might have the Fallout 3 DLC by 2010 at this rate!

WIIIS14273d ago

Oooh yeeaah!! 9.4 > 9.6!

InMyOpinion4273d ago

Imagine how many gimped versions of games the PS3 will have in 2010!

The damage control will be enormous when someone decides to do a video comparison.

Tmac4273d ago

Video comparison all you want, that still won't get your crappy system Killzone 2 and the best graphics to boot lol.

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read disc error4273d ago

and definitely getting the exclusive 360 DLC, too.

n4gzz4273d ago

Eurogamer is joke. Most biased site I ever seen. Right there with Kotaku.

robotnik4273d ago

I dont care about Eurogamer reviews.

edhe4273d ago

Please find an example of their bias in order to prove your statement, if you can then bubbles up, if not then bubbles down for slander \o/

morganfell4273d ago

Let's see:

1 - Scenes of a destroyed America

2 - Some of the dumbest AI in a game

IT'S A 10!

callahan094273d ago

Yeah, their reviews have been killing me lately.

I got Fallout 3 last night and played it a couple of hours, and I love it, but so far I wouldn't be able to justify giving it a 10. The graphics are awesome, but that's just polygons and textures. When you take it all in at once, it really doesn't look very pretty. It's desolate, gray and ugly. It does a beautiful job of representing that, but I know I'll get really sick of looking at it before long.

I'm thinking maybe a 9. Maybe by the time I get to the end I'll have a different opinion and I could agree with this 10, but I know for a FACT FACT FACT that they should've given LittleBigPlanet a 10. That is the game of the year, of the generation, of all time as far as I'm concerned. The possibilities are limitless. The single-player story is great fun. The unlockables are insane. The online gameplay is great, the level creating and sharing is immense. It's infinite. It's absolutely beautiful. It's FUN. It's perfect.

I can't even imagine where the hell they pulled that 10 / 10 for Fable 2 out of their collective ass.

edhe4272d ago

No facts, minus bubbles.

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Gordon Freeman4273d ago ShowReplies(4)
hulk_bash19874273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

But u know i guess its because im one of those gamers who didnt really enjoy Oblivion as much as others. What can i say, it jus didnt interest me as much as Rpgs, like FF, Fable, Mass Effect, and others did. Who knows i might like it wen i rent it and give it a test run, but as of ryt now im happy wid da other holiday offerings. Glad 2 see all the positive reviews its getting though, and if they're n e indication, it looks like this thing is gonna run away wid da GOTY award.

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