GameSpy: Fallout 3 Review

GameSpy: "When Fallout 3 was announced in 2004, not everyone was happy to hear that Bethesda would be the development studio to bring the Wasteland to life. The franchise's most hardcore fans were up in arms when they found out that their beloved Fallout was being turned into a first-person role-playing game, abandoning the originals' isometric perspective and "dumbing it down" for consoles. Plenty of folks complained that the game would just end up being "Oblivion with guns" (of course, some would argue that that's not exactly a bad thing, as 2006's Elder Scrolls title was one of that year's finest RPGs). Now that we're closing in on a hundred hours logged into Fallout 3, we can safely say that while Fallout 3 bears an uncanny resemblance to Oblivion in some ways, it's also a far superior game in many others."


Massive, highly detailed environment; engaging storyline; gorgeous visuals; haunting score; excellent presentation.


VATS can make things a bit too easy; some technical issues here and there; lots of time spent walking.

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Will get the Ps3 version asap