Review: Borderlands 2 VR | VRFocus

Gearbox Software finally makes its VR debut, and it’s a blastingly good time.

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ccgr41d ago

Going to have to add this to my wishlist :)

uth1141d ago

I'm surprised it has a perfect score. the consensus seems to be "it's good, but lacking a few features "

Dfooster41d ago

By a website who reviews only vr titles. Its in their interests that vr titles review well until the format is well established. However having said that this looks like a complete blast even if there are a few elements missing.

Neonridr41d ago

maybe as far as VR titles it's really good.

generic-user-name41d ago

It's lacking co-op. But being in VR adds a lot to a game. So it's a trade off.

Neonridr40d ago

no co-op? darn, that was going to be a wicked feature.

Oh well. I am still planning on picking it up. Never played a Borderlands game before, so I figured why not in VR? :P

XbladeTeddy41d ago

Time to put my VR to good use then. Been waiting for this. Gonna be fun I'm sure.

badboyz0941d ago

I'm so backed up on games but this is a must buy!

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The story is too old to be commented.