IGN AU: Fallout 3 AU Review

IGN AU writes: "As wisps of brown dust whip across the sky far above and the sun slowly rises over the desolation that is The Wastes, take time to stop and just soak it all in: Fallout is back, and it's the real deal – we couldn't ask for much else, frankly. It hits the right notes, covers the right themes and retains the feel of the original games we loved while bringing it up to modern times with a stunning new world to explore. We know – it's hard to believe that a company, even one as appropriate and talented as Bethesda, could grab the wheel from the sinking Black Isle Studios and steer the franchise into safe waters. Happily, we can report that Fallout 3 definitely meets our expectations and, in this crowded holiday season, it demands your attention like a laser pistol to the forehead.

But what about all those comparisons to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, negative or otherwise? They're certainly not unfounded; a lot of the structure and even the presentation of the game definitely sidle up against Bethesda's last release – but that's no bad thing at all. In fact, Fallout's regionalised overworld, dungeon-esque ruins and NPC cast are perfectly in line with most RPGs and their conventions – it just so happens that Oblivion was the template for the 3D engine, compass and dialogue exchanges. It fits just fine and, in fact, improves on the previous effort."

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