First look at 3DFX's cancelled Rampage GPU, running Max Payne, Unreal Tournament & 3DMark 2001

DSOGaming writes: "Martín Gamero Prieto has shared with us some images from 3DFX’s cancelled graphics card, the Rampage, and since I’m a huge 3DFX fan, I couldn’t resist sharing these images with you. Rampage was 3DFX’s last endeavor to develop a graphics card to compete and outperform GeForce3. This card was first developed in 1997 but didn’t see release until 2001 for several reasons."

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darthv721904d ago

3DFX cards were awesome. I still have my voodoo1, a pair of voodoo2's, two voodoo3's (2000 & 3000) and my pride and joy, the voodoo5 5500

MWH1903d ago

Great collection man 👌🏻

PurpHerbison1903d ago

Brings back memories of trips to Incredible Universe with my Dad when I was a kid.

MWH1903d ago

I still have my Voodoo 2.

Segata1903d ago

Still imagining if Dreamcast got the Voodoo 2/3. Crazy how ArtX and 3DFX spun out of SGI. SGI went out of business. 3DFX got bought by Nvidia and ArtX by ATi (and ATi later got bought by AMD) .


Star Citizen Developer Cloud Imperium Games Confirms Layoffs

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is the latest games company to cut staff, confirming “a small number of positions were eliminated” as part of a relocation plan some former employees have criticized.

Knightofelemia14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

But yet this black hole continues to suck up money like there is no tomorrow. If you're sucking up that much money from fools who get peanuts back. There is something really rotten in that black hole going on.

PrinceOfAnger7h ago

If only they focus on the Single Player first and releasing it, not interested in the mmo that much.

Dudeson6h ago

Same here, always thought we would first do squadron 42 and after that set out into the vast mmo with some experience.

Chocoburger6h ago

I'm seeing numbers that range from 644 million up to 834 million dollars raised for this scam.
Quick, someone give this scam company some more money to prevent these layoffs!

senorfartcushion4h ago

People are literally paying for a company to exist, it's mad. The Devs are more nationalised than the postal service.

Duke196h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Imagine paying in to a $700M tech demo. If this game ever does release its gonna be a bigger disappointment than starfall. Although with these layoffs I wouldn't be surprised if they canned the project soon anyway

PrinceOfAnger4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

And if the game comes to PS5 you will buy and play it?

Duke193h ago

IF it ever released and was actually was something paying to play - sure. (Probably PC) But people that continue to dump money into this scam of a project are insane to me. Would get more of a return just lighting that cash on fire

anast3h ago

The game looks fun. I don't have a PC to run to the specs I would like. if it releases on console, I would be all over this game.

badz1492h ago


bold of you to assume that it will be released during the PS5's lifecycle. the money keeps coming in, there's just no way they are gonna give that up and release the game.

jwillj2k45h ago

I got disagreements from my last post saying the CEO was taking pics with fans in a suit made of 100 dollar bills.

After all of the years of them breaking records monetarily with little to show the supporters (myself included about 12 years ago), there should be legitimate class action, civil and criminal lawsuits filed against them.

Andrew3364h ago

For what? It's an early access game that you can play and have been able to play. If people didn't see any value in what it offers they wouldn't be giving their money.

PrinceOfAnger4h ago

Some people acting like you get nothing and there is no game many paid only 30/40 $ and said they had fun with it more than released AAA games.

got_dam55m ago

I agree. The level of slime they display by having multi-thousand dollar in game purchases without ha ingredients actually released a full game.