First look at 3DFX's cancelled Rampage GPU, running Max Payne, Unreal Tournament & 3DMark 2001

DSOGaming writes: "Martín Gamero Prieto has shared with us some images from 3DFX’s cancelled graphics card, the Rampage, and since I’m a huge 3DFX fan, I couldn’t resist sharing these images with you. Rampage was 3DFX’s last endeavor to develop a graphics card to compete and outperform GeForce3. This card was first developed in 1997 but didn’t see release until 2001 for several reasons."

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darthv721040d ago

3DFX cards were awesome. I still have my voodoo1, a pair of voodoo2's, two voodoo3's (2000 & 3000) and my pride and joy, the voodoo5 5500

MWH1039d ago

Great collection man 👌🏻

PurpHerbison1038d ago

Brings back memories of trips to Incredible Universe with my Dad when I was a kid.

MWH1039d ago

I still have my Voodoo 2.

Segata1038d ago

Still imagining if Dreamcast got the Voodoo 2/3. Crazy how ArtX and 3DFX spun out of SGI. SGI went out of business. 3DFX got bought by Nvidia and ArtX by ATi (and ATi later got bought by AMD) .