UGO: Cast of 90210 - Guitar Hero: World Tour Interview

UGO writes: "This weekend, the folks at Red Octane invited us to attend their Guitar Hero: World Tour launch soirée. Usually we prefer to hit the sack before nine, but since the guest list included 90210's stars and starlets we made an exception. Who are we to pass up rubbing elbows with the young and overpaid?

It turns out those troublemakers play a mean six-string, shredding us to kingdom come. So, we took a breather to grab a few interviews and talk about what really goes on in Beverly Hills (read: sexy stuff).

Then, between the buffet and numerous GH rigs, we wrangled the developers to talked shop. Charles Wang, co-founder of Red Octane, explained Guitar Hero: World Tour's latest additions and how they plan to deploy these big guns in the rhythms game arms race."

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