Battlefield 5 Update 1.06 Rolls Out, Fixes Fortifications Issue and More

DICE has rolled out a new Battlefield 5 update for December 13, and it's out now. Here's the changelog.

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2pacalypsenow40d ago

They need to fix the damn snipers.

It's like they didn't wanna offend the other Sniper rifles and made them all Shit.

RememberThe35740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I've been counter sniping with the M1A1 really well, the assault and support classes are in really good shape. Though I'm not a fan of the scope sights for sniper rifle. Also not a fan of the TTK changes. SMGs are even worse now, anyone who plays medic in this game is a damn hero.

Myst-Vearn40d ago ShowReplies(1)
UnholyLight40d ago

The irony of building fortifications being rock solid then an update essentially ruins it.

Majin-vegeta40d ago

It wasnt really broken per say.They could still be built just the marker wouldnt go all the way giving people the illusion it wasnt being built.

UnholyLight40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I'm just finding I have issues with it where stuff is in fact not fully building whereas it was foolproof before so yeah.

Hungryalpaca40d ago

By the time you’re done fortifying you’re teammates have already left and now the enemy has a nice base.

It’s so pointless.

jc1240d ago

I agree. I find fortifications useless.

No Way40d ago

Right. Its like people dont realize defense is equally as important as assault.. everyone storms one base, then move to the next. Just to lose the one they just took.

Some people are aggravating to play with.

UnholyLight40d ago

@Hungryalpaca, yeah for when you're playing conquest with a crappy team AGREE, but when you're playing Grand Operations fortifications sometimes means the difference between holding an objective or not from my experience....